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About Bette

I also love to create designs using Illustrator and sometimes Photoshop with a touch of Canva thrown in. My technical skills are above most as I completed a Ph.D. in Computing Science and Engineering. Coming back to my roots in crafting is where I began and now I am here to share my work and help you along the way with inspirations.

I'm Bette, the craft maker and writer behind this blog. I am based in Vancouver Canada as the resident DIY crafts and DIY Home Decor blogger. I am an international best-selling author with books translated into 7 plus languages. I started at an early age making my own clothes, home decor and even won a girl scout (guide) contest for creating the best gadgets for our outdoor camp! I have never stopped! Best of all - my family of artists. Both my daughters are extremely creative. Carina is a master knitter, an artist, and imaginarian with all types and mediums of art. I love learning from her! Maren is a quilter and gardener along side being a Yoga Instructor. All 3 of us are writers.

My favorite thing to do each day is to make something new to beautify my surroundings. All of my creations are either physical ones such as wreaths, crochet, papercrafts, etc. I am in favor of making do with the supplies at hand with  minimal expense. This means: re-cycle and re-use what you are able.

I am always taking the time to learn something new and share it with you along the way.

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About the Blog

I created this blog so that you will be exposed to many crafts and be inspired to try them all. I spend my time researching DIY Home Decor, DIY Crafts (& tutorials), alongside Papercrafts as a start. I have tried many other things and use my Cricut often to do the cutting for me. From this blog you will be connected to videos as I produce them, DIY sessions (Live), and blog articles going over the basics!

From my family to you, I do hope you become part of our DIY Crafting community. Remember to grab your copy of Cricut Tips & Tricks (a free resource)

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