Pipecleaner Heroes
Pipecleaner Heroes

Not All Pipe Cleaners Rank the Same

Pipe cleaners come in all sizes and shapes, the one thing in common is the fact they will all bend the ways you wish them to bend. Pipe cleaners can be used for some amazing art such as the heroes shown in the image above but beyond that, they are a lot of fun when you put your imagination to work.

Speaking of imagination – I thought I would throw in a fact for you. Brookman Elementary School in London is in the Guinness World Records Book for creating the longest pipe cleaner chain EVER! it measured 59,382 feet and 10 inches to be exact. Oh, what a fun project that would have been! Any takers on trying to beat that record?

Back to pipe cleaners. When you buy pipe cleaners for projects look at the cleaner to see how many bristles it has. You can also look to see if the bristles are straight or wavy. One last thing, some pipe cleaners have sparkle and glitter. When you purchase pipe cleaners, think about what you want to make first, then decide on the type.

Here are a few images of the different types of pipe cleaners:

Zees 1,000 Pipe Cleaners
Various Sized Pipe Cleaners

As you can see there are width, length, and shape differences. My suggestion would be to buy a bundle or two to get started. You can play with the various sizes to make some really interesting art.

Pipe Cleaner Hero Project

To make a hero here is the suggested list of pipe cleaners you will need to make one. 100 Regular Chenille Stems, 50 Shiny Chenille Stems, 50 Pom Poms, and 50 Self Adhesive Googly Eyes for DIY Art Crafts.

For the Pompoms and Googly eyes, you can always improvise with other materials. Make your own Pompoms and make paper eyes.

Make the Basic Skeleton

Take a look at the image below – what you want to do is make this stick outline before we start filling in all the details. At the top of the cleaner, make a loop for the head. You will then cut off a piece of pipe cleaner to make the arms (this should be one piece), and finally, add the legs.

Pipe Cleaner Stick Men
Pipe Cleaner Stick Men

Now for the fun part. You will be shaping the head first. Take a pipe cleaner and anchor it to your loop. twist the cleaner around and around until it forms a ball – thicker in the middle. Do the same for each arm, leg and finally the body. This will give you a solid looking “pipe cleaner person”.

From here, decorate and create clothing for the hero you love. Look closely at the image above (pin it to your Pinterest board for safekeeping) and use it as an example.

Reading Resources for More Projects

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Who Wants To Watch A Video?

Last Word

Wow – so much fun, and the results can be amazing – look at this spider!

Pipe Cleaner Spider
Pipe Cleaner Spider

Will you at least give this a try. It is so much fun, especially when you can get the family involved!

Until tomorrow…


Pipecleaner Heroes
Pipecleaner Heroes

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