What to do with all that Art!

Most of us are proud parents or grand parents, but it's easy to forget that our children are artists. It's not just scribbles on paper or the occasional stick figure - they are creating works of art with meaning and emotion. Sometimes you can tell what their artwork means by looking at it closely, but often it's hard to decipher. It can feel like time is passing by too quickly and before you know it, your children will grow up and be adults. Capture these moments in time so that you can always remember what little masterpieces your kids have created. 

Your children's artwork is precious. The drawings, sketches, and paintings that they create are a wonderful record of their development as an artist. This is an opportunity to celebrate your child’s creativity. There are many ways that you can preserve your child’s artwork to share with others for years to come. 

These are some easy methods so you can capture your child’s artworks so you can treasure them forever.

Why Capture Your Child's Artwork

Our kids are so amazing. They have the most creative minds and artistic souls. It’s important to document these moments in their lives so we can keep them forever.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can save your child’s artwork for a lifetime. Some of these methods include scanning the art, photographing it, or framing it.

There is no right or wrong way to do this – just remember that you want to choose a way that will be useful to you and your family for years to come. Don’t worry! This article will go over all of the top ways to preserve your child’s artwork for life.


Keep it Simple: Scan or Photograph

The simplest way to save a child’s artwork is to scan it or photograph it. The best time to do this is as soon as they finish the artwork so you can preserve those first impressions.

If you want, you can also scan the art now and again as they grow up because their style and skill level will change.

However, if you take photos of the artwork, make sure to take them from an angle that captures the entire piece and not just a portion of it. You don’t want to miss any details!

Framing and Mounting

If you would like to get a professional-looking framed and mounted piece of your child's artwork, there are many places that offer this service.

The cost will vary depending on the thickness of the glass and the framing material. Pricing starts at $30 for a display-quality frame with acrylic or plexi glass and can go up to $750 for a custom-framed, museum quality piece.

Additionally, there is no right or wrong way to mat and frame your child’s artwork. You can choose from four common styles:

Hanging Style: A horizontal style that allows space in the back for hanging wire. This style is popular when people want to hang their art in clusters or pairs on one wall.

Borderless Style: No borders around the edge of the artwork, giving it a more modern look.

Double Mat Style: The artwork is sandwiched between two mats in order to provide a clean finish with no distractions from framing material.

Shadow Box Style: Similar in appearance to a picture frame without a glass panel in front of the art.

Alternatives to Framing and Mounting

One of the most popular ways to preserve your child’s artwork is by framing and mounting it. Framing has the benefit of protecting the artwork but you will need to be careful about how you frame it.

Framing your child’s artwork with glass protects it from water, dirt, and other particles that can damage or discolor it. You can also frame with plastic or wood to protect the artwork.

A mat is a great way to personalize your frame. This can be anything from solid black to two-tone gray with your family's name printed on it in cursive script.

Many times, there are no frames available for sale that fit your specific needs like size or design. If this is the case, try looking for unfinished frames at stores like Hobby Lobby or Michaels. These frames are easy to repaint if needed; perfect for artistic kids!

What Else Can You Do?

As a parent, you know that your children's childhoods pass by all too quickly. Capturing their artwork is a great way to keep a tangible marker of that time. It can also help with their development and improve their self-esteem.

Here are some tips for preserving your children's artwork:

1) Capture it digitally.

2) Keep it simple - scan or photograph your child's artwork.

3) Frame and mount the artwork in a professional frame with museum-grade matting.

4) Alternative options to framing and mounting - create a digital archive, create an art journal or create a scrapbook. 

The more you do to preserve your child's artwork, the better. Start today and let them know how much they really matter to you!

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