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Hi Reader.

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day?

How was your week? I have to say mine was great and I did let my “diet” eating plan go out the window on Valentine’s Day. I really stuffed all those things that are off my list into the day, with dark chocolate being on the top of that list. I must admit that it did not taste the way I remembered it and I think it will now be a lot easier to not crave it so much. I guess that is a good thing. What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

The weather here is finally warming up a little more with very little rain happening. That is a big concern for the summer as the reservoirs are not filling as they should. I imagine we will be having a bit of a drought this summer for sure. I know some of you are under big snow storms but be thankful as they will keep your summer safe.

Did you know that there is a product out there called Noodgers? I learned about these this week when concentrating on doing some glitter projects. According to the Glitter Glue company: “When you are creating a design on a Card or other Art Project using glue and glitter and get out of line, what do you do? You grab a Noodger and use it to “Noodge” it back into place. It can also be used to get under a mistake and lift it up to remove it.” What a great invention and wow, sure makes my glitter projects a lot easier. I am sure Hobby Lobby or Michaels will carry these. I bought mine at Amazon.

This week I have challenged myself to do one design per day and also to make sure it will work. This has not been a challenge, it has been oh so much fun! I have picked a few things to make me work and figure it out but that is the great thing about crafting – it is a true passion!

One last thing and I have not tried this one yet, I bought a Mold Press from We R Makers and am very excited to try it out. The problem is – I am missing one ingredient as the bottle of Mold Press Release liquid I purchased was empty – now I have to reorder! Bummer.

Next week I am going to do a “Live” training. If you are interested in attending, you can fill out the form. That way I can get you the Zoom info – yes, it will be interactive, and we are going to be designing and making a box. We will be doing this on Wednesday, February 21st from 10:30 am Pacific Time to Noon Pacific time. This is a members workshop but I am extending it to everyone this time through. The replays are for members only. We can talk more about that later.

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Cricut has another amazing sale on the go! The deals keep on giving!

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Are you getting ready for Easter? Even if you do not celebrate Easter, this egg-shaped box is a lot of fun to make and serves as the perfect warm-up to our box-making workshop on February 21st.

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Let’s get ready and design a few signs or even postcards for this Easter! There are 15 SVG files included in this week’s freebie

This Week’s Freebie from CreativeFabrica

Great savings for a year’s membership – check this one out – I bought mine! At only $47, you can’t go wrong.

This freebie is in PNG and SVG format, so you can adjust it to make it your own!

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