Can Your Cricut Cut Transparent Materials?

Transparencies cause their own problems and even if you think they are going to cut the way you expect, they often will not. This means that the transparent property confuses your Cricut as it does not see the outside lines the same. The transparency has glare and the mat also shows through. This is a recipe for things not working out the way you want them to.

Working with transparencies

Lighting has a big effect on how your machine cuts. Because a transparent material is see through and reflective of light, you may want to consider lowering the light in the room. This is only part of what you might want to do.

Calibrating your machine is also something you should consider. No matter what you do, a test cut to check the calibration should be the first step. If this does not work, we have other solutions.

I have seen some crafters put a white sheet of paper behind the transparency so that the Cricut sensor can pick up the lines. The problem here is the fact that you have to find a way to make sure your transparency does not move during the cut.

The Best Solution I have seen

Your transparent material needs to have a white background to "see" the registration marks.

Take a sheet of removable vinyl and place the vinyl side down on your mat. Next, remove the backing from the vinyl. This will give you a sticky surface on top. This the surface you will use to put down your printed transparency sheet onto the mat.

When you have finished the cut, save that mat with the vinyl stuck to it for another time you want to use a transparent material. This way you will always have something with a white background that has a tacky surface.

Alternately, you can put the backing back on your removeable vinyl sheet and take everything off the mat.

Next time you use transparent materials, give this one a try.

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