Make a Gorgeous Birdhouse
How To Make A Gorgeous Birdhouse

Birdhouse and Magic

Do you love birds? If you do you are going to love this project. Today we will be making a birdhouse. We will be focusing on simple plans so you can use the materials of your choice. Only you can choose between a birdhouse that will be used outdoors or one that will be a decoration indoors.

Birdhouses are not all created equal. There are so many factors to consider when you build one. The size of the hole, for example, will determine what type of bird you will attract. The size of the house is also dependent on the birds in your area.

For me, I like to stick to the small birds and I have several birdhouses in my garden.

I hope you are as excited as I am about making a birdhouse.

Examples of Gorgeous Birdhouses

This first image is from an Etsy posting – this is absolutely beautiful! The imagination and art alone are incredible.

Image from Etsy "Starry Night Witch"
Image from Etsy “Starry Night Witch”

I love these decorative birdhouses – image is from Pinterest. These ones are so cure and the openings are very small for small birds.

Whimsical Fairy Garden - Pinterest
Whimsical Fairy Garden – Pinterest

These 2 birdhouses are made from recycled kettles – great use! These birdhouses will attract larger birds as the opening is big enough for Robins and larger.

Old teapot to the birdhouse
Old teapot to the birdhouse on Pinterest

Types of Birdhouses You Can Make

Birdhouse come in many sizes and shapes. Today we are going to focus on a fairly simple design you can cut out and put together quite easily.

Here is a list of birdhouse types you may want to consider making in the future.

  • Hanging – these ones tend to swing in the wind and only certain birds will want to live in these.
Image courtesy Storyblocks
  • Post Mounted – these sit on the top of a pole and can be very attractive to birds
Images from Hobby Lobby and Wayfair
  • Wall Mounted – you can nail several birdhouses on any wall for birds that nest together.
Image from Hayneedle

There are so many other variations to think about including the size and shape for different types of birds. Today we are sticking a simple one.

Birdhouse Plans

It is important that you have the use of some plans before starting to build your birdhouse. This way you will know how much of each type of material you will need. For an 8 inch birdhouse, you will not need as much as you would for one that is 12 inches. You can download a FREE Plan in the Resource Library. This plan includes all the measurements for creating a small birdhouse with minimal expense.

Materials You Need

As with any birdhouse you can build it from many different materials. Whichever material you decide upon, it must be able to stand up to the weather unless you are keeping the birdhouse indoors.

  • Plans for your birdhouse. You can download FREE Plans in my Resource Library
  • Material to build the birdhouse – I recommend lightweight wood. You can purchase this at your local dollar store or places such a home depot. Make sure you read your plans first before making a purchase. If you are keeping your birdhouse indoors you can use cardboard or heavy cardstock.
  • A dowel for the bird to sit on before entering the birdhouse. This is optional but I like adding this for appearance. You can buy these in packages almost anywhere (the dollar store has plenty)
  • Glue – heavy duty as you do not want the birdhouse to fall apart – you can also use hammer and nails to put the house together. I like glue as there is less chance of injuring myself.
  • Acrylic paint and a tray where you can mix the paint with some water before applying your design
  • Sealant that is non-toxic. You don’t want sick birds!
  • A Smile – every project is fun and you are going to love this one, a good family project for sure!

Books for More Ideas

I never hesitate to recommend a couple of books in each article. I find that browsing through them, buying them, or finding them in the local library is always a good strategy. I love going deeper into a project and this is often the best way to make it happen.

A Little Video Help

A little fun with Popsicle sticks – a great way to make an easy birdhouse!

Creating a birdhouse feeder from plastic soda bottles

Making a paper birdhouse is so much fun and easy to do

Last Word

Making birdhouses has never been easier! If you decide to purchase one unpainted from your local Dollar Store, then you are ahead of the game…for me, I like to start from scratch and make the whole project from the ground up. Are you with me on this? It is ok to want to just paint so the answer really does not matter as long as you are having FUN!

Don’t forget to draw designs and paint your birdhouse to make it unique for you.

Don’t forget to get your FREE Birdhouse plans from our Resource Library.

Did you make a birdhouse? Please share it in the comments below or on our Facebook page. I would love to see the results.

Until tomorrow…


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