Cricut Blades How to Clean and Sharpen

You can make cleaner cuts for all your makes with this Clean and Sharpen technique! Easy to follow tutorial!

Bette Daoust
Bette Daoust

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    2 replies to "Cricut Blades How to Clean and Sharpen"

    • roger hendrickx

      My wife and myself are heavy cricut users.
      Felt is our product and we cut it with the rotary blade.
      However an (expensive) rotary blade only lasts for half a day sometimes… one week is the most.
      You have (or know someone) with experience ?

      Best rards.

      Roger Hendrickx

      • Bette Daoust

        Hi Roger,

        I have been using tin foil to “sharpen” and remove debris from all my blades including the rotary one. You can take the blades to a place that sharpens blades (we have a small business where the guy does this by hand). Felt does stick to the blade and that may be causing some of the dullness

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