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Steps to Success

Your journey does not need to be difficult. All you need to do is follow the pathway and you will be on your way! Even if you think you know all the steps, there are always little tips and tricks that will help you save a lot of time and perhaps a lot of supplies!

Step 1 - Start Here

New to Cricut and Cricut Design Space? This is where you should start on your Roadmap to Success. Download your roadmap first, then start your journey with us here.

This is the first step you want to take when starting on your journey. There are 5 parts in this step for you to master before you move on to step 2

Details coming soon

Step 2 - All the Tools

On this part of your journey we will take you through the tools you need to start working magic with your projects. You will not only be shown the tools but you will get experience working with them!

Step 3 - Key Concepts

Now that you are familiar with All the tools, it is time to start learning all about some of the key concepts behind files, file types, and how to make your designs start working for you.

Details Coming Soon

Details Coming Soon

Step 4 - Expand Your Knowledge

In this step you will be taking all the previous steps to another level with practice and learning all about how you can start designing your own projects.

Step 5 - Rule Design Space

All the templates, printables, fonts, patterns, digital papers and more you can use for all your projects! You will learn to imagine, design, and create your own projects.

Details Coming Soon

Details Coming Soon

Next Steps 

Every month we hold a live training event. Each topic is chosen by members of this community, be sure to watch replays!

Topics vary widely


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