Coloring Pages Are Still Hot!
Coloring Pages For FUN

Why Coloring Pages Are Still Hot

Coloring books and pages are still a hot commodity today. Although there was a frenzy a few years ago, it has now settled into a main stream type of art. There are two ways to look at coloring. One is for those who love coloring and use it as a crafting therapy. The second is the artist who develops the pages as an art form. Both are incredibly satisfying!

If you love to color then you are in luck as today I am giving away some downloadable coloring pages. Read through the article to get the download link.

Beautifully colored page posted to BettesMakes
Beautifully Colored Page

Color Coordination

A set of coloring pencils (you can get these at any dollar store) and a page to color is all you need to get started. I am also going to suggest you grasp an understanding of what colors go together and how to blend.

Go to my Pinterest Board called Color Palettes to find hundreds of combinations for your page. Post a few on one of your Pinterest boards if you have an account.

Here is a sample of color combinations that are beautiful.

Color Palettes pinned to BettesMakes
Color Palette – Bird
Flower Color Palette posted to BettesMakes
Flower Color Palette

Coloring Projects

I have a board on Pinterest that has hundreds of designs you view. Some are downloadable and some are not. Take a look and follow my board so you can have plenty of ideas.

You will find your access and password at the end of the article.

Reading on How to Make Your Own Coloring Pages

Part of creating your own coloring book is to be able to doodle and draw patterns usually within an outline of an object such as an animal, flower, or other item.

I compiled this list of books to help you along the way. Of course if you would rather just color, you can do that too.

1. New Guide to Coloring for Crafts, Adult Coloring Books, and Other Coloristas!: Tips, Tricks, and Techniques for All Skill Levels! (Design Originals) (Step-by-Step Lessons & 100 Ready-to-Color Designs)

2. How to Self Publish an Adult Coloring Book on CreateSpace: An Intermediate Author’s Guide

3. How To Make Mandala Coloring Pictures?

A Few Videos To Help You Along The Way

7 Ways of Blending Colored Pencils for Beginners

How to Shade Using Coloring Pencils

How To Create A Coloring Book

Last Word

I love coloring and making coloring pages. I hope this is something you love to do as well.

For today, I have some downloadables for you to color. Some are simple and others are more complex.


Coloring Pages Are Still Hot
Coloring Pages Are Still Hot

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