Cricut design space really slow?

There are so many shortcuts and ways to help you along when using Cricut Design Space, it is hard to choose which one I would send today. As I have been asked about this a few times, I am going to share a tip on keeping Design Space from slowing down to a crawl.

Often Design Space will tell you your file is big and it slows you right down. That often means you are using large sized files or too many of them on the Canvas.

Here are some options you can try:

1. Close all other programs that are working in the background. If you are using any Adobe products such as Illustrator, it will affect Design Space.

2. Change the complexity of your uploaded image - if you have it uploaded as Complex, try changing it to Simple.

3. By changing the PNG file to an SVG, you will save a lot of memory space and your images will not be deemed too big.

4. Watch the number of elements you have on the Canvas. I know for stickers, you can quite often have a lot of pieces and this will cause a slow down - you can either make your stickers larger or have fewer to print and cut. An overloaded Canvas will create memory problems.

5. You could also use JPGs with a white background and when you upload the image, remove the background before saving it. This also works wonders for saving on memory and keeping Design Space working the way you want it to.

6. Cut fewer pieces at a time, if you have a design where you need to cut 10, put only a few on the screen and then have your machine cut it multiple times.

7. Sometimes you can also try the flatten option to try and reduce memory but this does not always work.

The more detailed your work, the more you have to be aware of a potential memory issue that slows down your application. I must mention that these little tricks do not work in absolutely every instance of memory overload, but they do give you a chance to actually have your design work.

I hope this gives you a bit of an insight and helps you make the most of Design Space.

Until Next Time...

Bette Daoust
Bette Daoust

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