Are You Excited About Easter?
Are You Needing Some Inspiration for Making Cards?

Are you ready for Easter? If not, make these incredibly cute cards and envelopes to share with your family. Easy craft for everyone to make. #Cricut #cardmaking

Easter Egg Card Idea Anyone Can Make

Are you ready for Easter? Have you thought about how you can transform your house into a magical experience even when you cannot get outside for that all so much fun Easter egg hunt? Did you know that your Easter egg hunt does not have to involve buying candy? This project was designed so you could give cards to each other and use some of the assets in the project for your egg hunt at home. This is an easy make where your entire family can get involved and make some super cute cards and also to make those great eggs for hiding!

Here’s what you need to make your Easter Card and Envelope. This post does contain some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy.

Egg Card and Envelope Materials

Cricut Maker or Explore with Standard Grip Mat
Standard Mat (green)
2 or 3 sheets 12 x 12 Cardstock - double sided for maximum effect - more sheets if you plan on making more than one card and envelope
Cricut Pens (for writing on the card)
Template for this project from my Resource Library

Egg Card and Envelope Step-by-Step Guide

Easter Card Template Files from BettesMakes

Download the Template

Go to my resource library and grab the zip file with all the egg cards, envelopes, and egg designs. The file is called Egg Cards and Envelopes and it is a zip file. The file contains all the PNG Files as well as the SVG files to make this project.  

Easter Card - Prepare Your Shapes - BettesMakes

Prepare Your Cuts

As with any SVG file when you bring it into Design Space or other application, you need to make adjustments to the color and what happens with each line in the artwork. Here are the adjustments you need to make for this project:


Set up score lines as shown in the diagram - one for each card, and four lines for the envelope.


Each of the inner designs on the small eggs will need to be set to DRAW along with the Wording.


The outside of each shape will be set to cut along with the inside of 3 of the egg shapes as shown. The trellis with rabbit should also be set to cut.

Easter Card Assembled - BettesMakes

Assemble Your Card

Now for the fun part! There is not a lot of gluing but there is enough for you to have these cards personalized with your own touch.

For the large card, glue the trellis design to the front and glue the greeting on the inside. You can also embellish the inside with more egg designs.

If you are using the egg card with the zig-zag lines, paint or color the strips before you add a greeting on the inside.

To assemble the envelope, fold the sides in toward the center (you will apply the glue to these later), and then fold up the bottom.

Open the bottom, then apply the glue to the sides, then fold the bottom back up. Hold in place until the envelope is glued securely.

All is now ready!

How to Make an Easter Card and Envelope BettesMakes

The Final Touches

For this step you may want to add some of the egg designs to the outside of the envelope. There are plenty of eggs to go around so that you can color them yourself or use them as is. You may want to consider adding some silver or gold paper behind the eggs with cut out designs to give your eggs and elegant look.

Experiment with how you want your card and envelope to look.

One last thing, you can use the left=over eggs as part of your Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday!

All About Easter Reading Ideas

There are so many other things you can do for Easter, more than what I can present you with in this tutorial. There are puzzles, making stuffed animals, and even making candy! For me, it is always reading and getting more ideas.

I found these books you may want to read to add to your crafting library!

The Try Not To Laugh Challenge - you are going to love this family game!

The Great Big Easter Coloring Book - certainly lots of entertainment here

How to Draw 101 Animals - I love this book, it is a great idea book for art

There are many more books you can purchase at Amazon. I do hope you have a chance to check some of the above books out.

How to Make an Egg Card and Envelope Video

Last Word

Easter is a time of year where Spring is in full swing and we feel the need to celebrate. Although 2020 is offering some restrictions on how we join to together, this easy project will help your family work together making crafts! These Easter cards , once cut, can be decorated in a number of ways - the choice is yours. Adding coloring pencils, watercolor, or even Washi tape makes each card so very unique.

 The method you use to cut out the shapes can be with a cutting machine, or you can use your scissors. Although I love using scissors, I do prefer my Cricut for cutting out the basic shapes. As for the adding color, that is where you can combine your artistic talent with your crafting skills.

 I truly hope you and your family have fun with this project.

If you made a card, please share it on our Facebook group.

Until next time,

Happy Crafting!

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Are you ready for Easter? If not, make these incredibly cute cards and envelopes to share with your family. Easy craft for everyone to make. #Cricut #cardmaking
How to Make An Easter Card and Envelope
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How to Make An Easter Card and Envelope
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