Ready to start making solid letters?

Start With Your Text

Let's start with just one word that you can use for practice. In my Case I used Celebrate but in our example we will just use the word Text which makes it a lot easier to work with when practicing, then just follow these simple steps:

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Step 1: Start a New Project

Just Add TEXT to the Canvas and enlarge it so it is easy to see - make it 4 inches wide.

Step 2: Select the Text Object

Select the text object (not the letters on their own). This means you will find the sizing handles all the way around.

Step 3:. Select Offset

The Offset dialog box will appear on the screen. You will be making a negative offset. Change the numbers in the box to "-0.05" Then click Apply.

Step 4: Change the Offset Color

Change the color of the Offset from Black to something that is easier to see.

While the Offset is still selected, Click on Offset again. The numbers you put in there previously will be automatically populated. This will create another Offset inside the last Offset.

Continue to change the color of each Offset and then add another Offset until the letters look full.

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Step 5: Test Make

Now to test your process. Change the Operations from Cut to Pen. Then Attach everything together.

Simply Make your text with the color of your choice. If you find that the lines are too far apart, test another text but change the Offset number to a smaller negative number.

This will give you beautiful filled in letters!

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Bette Daoust
Bette Daoust

Dr. Bette Daoust is a Copious Crafter with many crafts and techniques completed with very many more to go. Bette's Makes ❤️ DIY Home Decor DIY Craft Tutorials, DIY Paper Flowers

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