Handmade Bookmarks

Why Handmade Bookmark Ideas?

Have you ever entered a bookstore and seen the rack of bookmarks on display? Some of them are so gorgeous! I am often tempted to buy them but know in my heart that I would rather have a handmade bookmark.

The question I am always asked is about books and who actually buys physical books these days. The truth be known, there are more writing journals, happy planners, and printouts today than there has ever been. Computers and the digital materials we get are often printed and handmade bookmarks fall right into the type of craft you can use instantly!

Your creations for your handmade bookmarks can be simply cut and painted, or you can add your calligraphy flair as well. Images, text, and works of art are easily incorporated into this simple yet complex craft.

Where to Get Ideas

I always start with Pinterest and Etsy for great ideas for handmade bookmarks. I put together a free downloadable set of bookmark shapes you can use for your project.

Here are some of the amazing pins I found on Pinterest (you can see these on one of my boards – perhaps you can follow me at the same time you are there).

Bookmark Pinterest - Craft Coco Nut
Bookmark Pinterest – Craft Coco Nut

Bookmark Pinterest – Easypeasyandfun

Bookmark Pinterest – Bella Manu

As you can see these images are amazing and give me so many ideas on what I can use for my own handmade bookmarks.


I have a free downloadable you can use for some of your templates – these are ideal for cutting out shapes and then decorating them.

Here is my list of places you can get other templates:

Canva – you can create your handmade bookmark right in the software – here is an example of what they have in their template library

Bookmark Example from Canva.com

Template Lab – lots of things you can do here to create your own handmade bookmark

Microsoft Publisher – yes you can make your own bookmark and print it right from Publisher.

Microsoft Publisher Bookmark Template
Microsoft Publisher Bookmark Template

Great Handmade Bookmark Books

If you really want to make some incredible bookmarks – check out these books – they all have some amazing designs you can use for your own projects.

Last Word

This project is easy to do and involve the whole family. Painting, lettering, drawing, and cutting are all skills kids can handle. They may even outdo your designs, after all, they have precious ideas and love that goes into each project.

Don’t forget to download the templates from the template library for this wonderful project. I like using unusual shapes for my bookmarks and the outlines in the resource library contain many different shapes. I do hope you enjoy them.

When you finish your project, please share the images with me in the comments or go to my Facebook page and share them there. I love to see everyone’s projects!

Until Tomorrow…


PS the resource library password is love

How to make Spectacular Books Marks from BettesMakes.com
How to make amazing booksmarks by hand or with your Cricut - BettesMakes.com

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