Perfecting Paper Flowers
Perfecting Paper Flowers

DIY Paper Flower Crafts

DIY Paper Flowers are a hot topic when it comes to Pinterest pins! I have even dedicated a board to this topic as I love making Paper Flowers!


If you go through any craft store, there are big displays of plastic flowers and plants but somehow they just do not do the decorating trick I want for my home and office. Paper Flowers can be used on so many different crafts including wreaths, cards, and in vases!

Types of DIY Paper Flowers

There are so many types of flowers you can make, the list appears to be endless. I love roses, but there are many more flowers out there including Hydrangeas, Carnations, and Poppies just to name a few. Don’t get yourself into a rut and only make rolled roses, there are many more shapes that may be a little more complicated but they are well worth the effort.

Any flower project is going to require some type of petal template and there are lots out there on Pinterest and other websites. What is most important is that you set aside an hour or so just to cut out the petals you are going to use for your project. Even if you have a Cricut or other cutting machine – you will need to cut a lot of petals. I made a wreath from paper flowers and spent more hours than I had ever thought was necessary. Most of the time was spent cutting the flower pieces.

Paper Rose Wreath
Paper Rose Wreath

Tools for Making Paper Flowers

    These are the basic items you will need to make any paper flower project. If you are more experienced in making paper flowers, you may have other tools you want to add to the list.
  • Petal and Leaf templates (either SVG files or paper templates you can cut).
  • 2 or more sheets of paper for the petals – I would no use card stock as it may be too thick to roll the ends of the petals
  • If you are going to make leaves then you will also need green paper – card stock is always perfect
  • A pencil or stick for rolling the leaves – preferably a stick or pencil that is round. You will also use the pencil to draw lines on the leaves, etc.
  • Glue – you want a glue that will dry transparent. As with any project, there are spills and missteps along the way and having them invisible is ideal.
  • Pencil crayons or another coloring tool (you could use paint as well) for highlighting leaves and petals with tones and hues.
  • A Cutting tool for cutting out template shapes for the petals and leaves.
  • A Circle of varying sizes (from a template or object you can use to trace the circles) – these will be used for the base of your project or the center of the flower.

Ideas to Get You Started Making Paper Flowers

Pinterest always provides inspiration and so does Etsy. I have other sources of inspiration that will keep the noise down and yet give you some great ideas around what you would like to create beyond just one paper flower.

This image is from a background when you have your photo taken. This is a really cute idea. You could make this for taking all kinds of photos of your family.

Paper Flower Photo Shoot Background
Paper Flower Background

Pinwheel flowers are also easy to make. All you need to do here is fan fold a long piece of paper, then trim the outside end in a petal pattern then glue the center part together using a round piece of sturdy material such as card stock.

Pinwheel Style Paper Flower
Pinwheel Style Paper Flower

I also found this book on Amazon that was a FREE Kindle download (at least it was today) – check it out – it may still be FREE and that gives you an edge on your paper flower designs.

17 Flower Craft Ideas - FREE Kindle download
Kindle eBook

Book Resources

Nothing is better than having a good eBook or Book on the craft you are about to experience. For some of you making paper flowers is something you have been doing for a while. For others, the experience is about to begin. No matter what stage you are at, reading resources can still bring inspiration. These books are on Amazon but you can preview the contents, so don’t hesitate to take a look.

Visual Inspiration

I love to follow great people in the crafting world and one of my favorite people, Jennifer Maker has created a video on making Paper Flowers that I would love to share with you. Jennifer is absolutely AMAZING!

I also want to include another video that I found worth watching. This one is how to make a small rose flower. This video takes you through step-by-step.

Last Word

DIY Paper Flowers are such fun to make. I love the make small ones and decorate cards. I also love making wreaths for all occasions and using different paper flowers is a great way to make them stand out.

I do hope you will make a few flowers of your own, I know you will enjoy it.

Until tomorrow…


Bette Daoust
Bette Daoust

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