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Needlepoint Patterns That Are Easy to Make

I am always searching for free patterns to get me started with any new craft I am going to make. Needlepoint is no different. If you are like me, start free and work up to the more complex patterns where I have to buy the pattern. I had always thought that the very easy patterns should come with a starter kit (there are likely plenty of these for sale).
For today, we are going to explore needlepoint from the point of a starter of view. This means this make is great from DIY Kids Crafts as well as DIY Crafts. So let’s get started.

Needlepoint Example

What is the Difference Between Needlepoint and Embroidery?

Needlework can be many things and many names. You may hear needlework, needlepoint, embroidery If you think about embroidery, cross-stitch, and perhaps even more names. No matter what it is called, these methods are all ways of creative expression!
It is a craft where the needle passes from the front to the back of a pattern. In other words, it is a way of decorating material with a needle and thread. The design you make is from both sides in a manner of speaking. Needlepoint, on the other hand, is done on the front of the material. It is often called a surface embroidery technique. Patterns here are made using the squares of the fabric.

Now, this is not likely to make sense right away unless you see the difference. Take a look at these two images – the first one is embroidery and the second one is needlepoint.

Embroidery Example

Where to Get A Simple Pattern to Make

 Easy to make patterns can be found in multiple places. The first place I often look is Pinterest (my go-to place for ideas). The link will take you to my BettesMakes page – if you follow me, you will get lots of ideas on different crafts including needlepoint.

Often you can get free patterns from the companies who product embroidery floss.  Download my one page Free Needlepoint Pattern Source page from the resource library. The password is at the end of this post.

DMC – one of the best-known names in the industry, they are sold almost everywhere! I use this floss for my projects all the time. You can buy these one at a time.

Loops & Threads – generally these are sold in packages of many colors.

Sullivan’s Egyptian Cotton – high quality and found in most embroidery shops.

Anchor Pearl – another big brand in the marketplace.

Other – sometimes you can buy lesser quality floss at the local dollar store. This is a good place to start if you are not worried about how long the floss will last, the dye being run proof, and the quality)

Resources at your Fingertips

Reading on the subject always helps with the understanding of how to do the stitches correctly. I find that the process is fairly simple, however, the choice of colors to use when and where is the confusion point. As usual, I am pointing you to some books on Amazon as a guide.

101 Needlepoint Stitches – who knew there were so many – and this is just a start. Don’t feel overwhelmed with the number, all the simple stitches are in this book as well.

A-Z of Needlepoint – another good book that gives you a good start for the craft and also enough information that you can take your skill to the next level.

There are other books available but these two are my recommendation, especially if you are just getting started.

BTW – the books use my affiliate link so I make a penny or two if you purchase them.

Instructional Videos

There are tons of videos on Youtube to get you started. I went through a number of them and chose the following 3 videos as a starting point:

How to do Needlepoint in 5 Minutes

How to do needlepoint – Part 1

How to do Needlepoint with Wool

Last Word

Now for those FREE patterns, I promised at the beginning of this post.

This is from LovetoKnow.com – lots of free patterns here

Pinterest always has a ton of free patterns but the one I like the most for a beginner is this one from Jeni Lynch

I do hope you are going to try some needlepoint in the very near future.

Until tomorrow…


PS the resource library password is love

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