Quilting is More Than a Bedspread

Quilting Art

Quilting is a huge industry and there are quilting organizations, clubs, and tradeshows. It is so big that manufacturers make machines to do all the work for you. If you are at the point where machines are needed, then you are a true expert. For the rest of us, we will stick to the handmade variety of bedspreads and art.

I wanted to bring up the fact that quilting is a true art form and there are many pieces such as purses, clothing, jackets, fashions, and DIY Home Decor that will amaze most art lovers. It is the art aspect where a beginner can actually get their hands into this wonderful craft.

History of Quilting

Did you know that the word Quilt actually means stuffed sack? The origin is Latin. There are no records of when quilting started but it is known that quilting along with piecing and applique were used for creating furnishing and clothing. It has been discovered that quilting may have been introduced by Crusaders around the 12th century. Quilting appears to be Egyptian culture as well with evidence pointing to as early as 5000 years ago.

What is Quilting?

Quilting as mentioned before means stuffed sack. In reality, it is the process of piecing together layers of fabric to make a thicker piece of material. Usually, there are three layers – the top decorative piece, batting or fill material, and the bottom or backing piece.

A quilter will stitich all of the pieces together. To add to this, the top of the quilt is usually fabrice that is pieced together in a pattern such as the image below:

Typical Patchwork Quilt

How To Get Started

Quilting materials are easy to get. You can use scraps of material or purchased pieces that are pre-cut and ready to sew together. The biggest challenge will be to layout the design you wish to create. I suggest starting with something as simple as a baby quilt -that way you are not working with really large designs.

Your first step will be to sew the pieces together (I always pin mine together first before embarking on my sewing journey!

Reading Resources

Don’t take my word for it, start by reading a few books on the subject so you are on the right track. One thing for sure – I never throw out any clothing – I use the pieces for quilts and other projects. The goal is to recycle and re-use everything you can.

I have chosen a couple of beginner books as they are good reads and will really set you on the right track. The first one and second one are my recommended reading.

Get Started Quilting

Better Homes and Gardens Complete Guide to Quilting

First Time Quilting

Sewing a Quilting Project

Tutorials to Really Get You Started

As I mentioned, the best place to start is with a baby quilt. This first video will help you create one without any problems.

These next two videos will advance your skills so you can create two more easy quilts and then you are on your way to making beautiful creations. Just remember you do not have to use bedspreads as your pattern. Why not get out a sewing pattern and make the quilting material to go with it?

Last Word

I love quilting because I can do so much with it. I generally use my Cricut to cut pieces first then stitch everything together. You can even add quilting to papercrafts! That will be another day.


Bette Daoust
Bette Daoust

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