Paper Piercing
Paper Piercing

Paper Crafts: What is Paper Piercing?

Paper Crafts such as Paper piercing sounds like something you would do to poke a hole and look through to another page. Why would you even want to paper pierce in the first place. I began to wonder the same thing when it came to writing a blog article about paper piercing.

In reality, paper piercing has been around for decades and the art that is created with this technique goes beyond just paper crafting. There is even more than that – there are magnificent pieces of art work when the principle art form is paper piercing. Let’s not confuse paper piercing with English paper piecing which is an entirely different part of crafting.

A Little History of Paper Piercing

There is no known true history of where paper piercing began, however, paper was often used for ornaments and the paper was pierced for a more artistic appeal.

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Here’s what you need to make your own Paper Piercing Project. This post does contain some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy.

Types of Paper Piercing

Paper was pierced and left alone for an effect where light could shine through. Some beautiful designs can be found such as this one below:

Paper Piercing Template

Piercing paper and stitching it at the same time is also a technique many crafters use.

Image from

Paper piercing is also used to highlight portions of a piece of art – the holes produced are often raised and mediums such as chalk or markers can be used to emphasize the holes – you can even put a background paper behind the piercings to have a color show through

Last but not least, paper piercing can be as simple as attaching brads to a project. With paper piercing you can create a design and then place the brads into the holes to make the design stand out.

You can find some templates on my Pinterest Board DIY Crafts.

Getting Started With Paper Piercing

The first item you will need is a small tool that will make holes in the paper and a protective surface below to save your table where you are working. I might also suggest that you use a template to make your design. The easiest templates I have used were pages out of coloring books. I used the outline to create my own pattern.

Just remember there is no right or wrong way to do paper piercing, it just depends on how comfortable you are working freehand or using a template.

Image of Paper Piercing from

Book Resources for Paper Piercing

The best (and almost only) book on the market is very pricey. I have found some used copies that are much cheaper and you might also want to try your local library to see if the book is there.

Those are the only books worth reading and scouring through. It seems that paper piercing is not as popular as other crafts. I would not leave this one behind as you can enhance and make all your makes stand out with these techniques.

Paper Crafts: Paper Piercing Instructional Tutorials

This first video is something you need to watch as it gives you all the basics of paper piercing – it does not take long to watch and it will give you a good foundation.

This next video is a tutorial that shows you some additional techniques. Once again, it is fairly short but it will spark your imagination.

You should be well on your way with these two videos. Please comment below and let me know what projects you used this technique on. For me card making is the first thing that came to mind.

Last Word

Tomorrow we will explore another great minor craft that will bring hours of pleasure. I am looking forward to bringing more to your imagination and hoping you are inspired.


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