Simple Weaving Ideas
Simple Weaving Ideas

Weaving Does Not Need To Be Complicated

When you think of weaving, what is your first reaction

If you are like me, I think of big looms with weft and waft plus a number of shuttles going back and forth. I have seen these in wool shops and even on display at some crafting tradeshows. Just the thought of me having to buy a huge loom and have it collect dust in the corner makes me shudder!
I am glad to tell you that weaving can be as simple as making a basket with paper! I found there are so many ways to incorporate weaving into my everyday crafts.

Materials (and Equipment) For the Starter

You actually don’t need a lot of materials or equipment for getting started with this fun craft. You can use a skein or two of wool (2 different colors) or more if you want a more complex pattern.
Also, use a dowel or something similar to anchor your weaving. I have added a video on how to use a piece of cardboard to use for weaving – a great way to really get started.
If you are concerned about tightening your weaving, I simply use a ruler to push up the threads.

Easy Starter Project

To start we are going to weave a plain pattern. 5 rows of one color and 5 rows of the next. This will get you used to the over and under routine, you should get used to performing.

Take a dowel or something similar and tie 20 strands of wool that are approximately 24 inches long. Here is a sample image to show you:

The process from here is quite simple, you weave your other wool over and under in rows to make the perfect pattern. If this is not making any sense then here are some books to help you along:

Resources for Learning How To Weave

This first book is perfect if you have never weaved before. It certainly helped a lot of people get started.

Learning to Weave – Amazon had it marked down the last time I checked.

If you are lucky enough and have a small loom, there are so many projects you can try. This book was written for the small loom owner but nonetheles,s it is perfect for any weaver.

Inventive Weaving on a Little Loom

This last book helps you realize that weaving is something every person can do regardless of financial obligations.

Weaving Within Reach

Videos For Sparking Your Imagination

 This first video is one where you can use a piece of cardboard to make your loom – great easy way if you are crafting with kids or even just yourself because you want to give it a try.

This next video will show you how to make a wall hanging. You can use your cardboard loom from the first video to accomplish the task. If you have not tried our very simple 5 strand project as a test, then you can start here.

 As with any crafting project, there are stitches or patterns you should learn at the start. This video is great for learning 3 of those basic patterns before you move into some more complicated project.

Last Word

My weaving experience is limited, however, once again, my daughter Carina is a master. She even spins her own wool before going to her loom and creating amazing wall hangings. I wish to learn more from her but right now I am happy making my first wall hanging!

Are you going to try making a wall hanging? 

Until tomorrow…


Bette Daoust
Bette Daoust

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