Quilling is simple that, rolled paper if you want to look at it for the parts. Quilling is so much more than just rolling paper and gluing it down. Quilling can transform any piece of art into a dimensional landscape of surfaces and imagination. 

Any maker or crafter should take some time to learn the ins and outs of quilling. The design and planning which goes into any piece can be quite mesmerizing. I have seen simple pieces that kids have created right down to amazing 3D images that will turn anyone’s head.

I finally found a quilling tool on the Cricut.com website – very inexpensive and it saved me hunting around for days on end just to find one at my local craft stores. Although it seems that quilling is an art of the past, I really beg to differ! I have been learning a great deal about the craft. One of my latest projects was a paper butterfly – where I used Quilling for the antennae – the tool was absolutely perfect!

BTW – I have a ton of downloadables in my Resource Library for you to use – do take a quick look.

How Did Quilling Get A Start?

Quilling like any other craft has deep roots in history. Quilling was purported to have started in the Renaissance when nuns and monks used to quill to decorate book covers. It is thought they used strips of paper trimmed thinly from the gilded edges of volumes they had in hand. These paper strips were then rolled into shapes to decorate the books.

Where to Start Your Quilling Journey

I am going to suggest that you start with cutting some evenly cut strips of paper – generally, you will want to have them around 1/2″ thick – especially for your first project. This is a great use for those scraps of paper you have lying around. As I am always using my Cricut I end up with a nice scrap pile of paper that I can use.
Once you have some cut paper, you will want to have a design “template” or a simple drawing available to make your design. I am going to suggest that you start with a rainbow such as the one below, this will be an easy pattern to follow:

For curling the paper, you could purchase a couple of tools but as a starter, all you need is a chopstick or BBQ skewer as the tool.
Now all you need to do is roll the paper and glue them in place.
Rolling tightly will change the way your art piece looks from when it is loosely rolled.

Book Resources to Get You Started

I always love having a book or two at my fingertips when it comes to making a new craft. To me, these ones are the winners!
Quilling for Beginners

World of Paper Quilling

Complete Quilling Kit

Tutorials To Show You More

This first video is a great place to start – if you do not understand my little project, then watch this video first.

These next two videos are all about the different shapes you can create using your new found quilling skills. They presenters make it look so easy to make these but watch them carefully – I managed to make a couple of mistakes and had to start over.

Last Word

Are you going to take the plunge and learn some quilling? This is a PERFECT craft for kids and adults alike. I know you will love it – you can make works of art without lifting a paintbrush!

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Until next time…

Happy Crafting!

Bette Daoust
Bette Daoust

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