Color palettes will now have a new look! We are changing the look and way we display colors to something I consider more usable. We have reduced the number of colors to 5 with 3 tones. Darker for shadows, lighter for highlights, and the main color for your projects. I will be adding to this post each week with palettes from other photos – I do hope you will enjoy this new style.

New This Week

Week 33 – Tricolor Daisy. This image was taken at English Bay in Vancouver, BC. The August colors in this garden are amazing! This daisy really catches your attention – the golds and reds area perfect match to any sunset!

Week 32 – Summer Petunia. These petunias are a favorite in the hanging baskets that are all around us. The colors are amazing and the palette for painting nature is superb!

Color Guide - Petunias

Week 31 – Gorgeous Eucalyptus shot in Maui. This time of year the weather in Maui is perfect – I long to visit her again in the near future.

Week 30 – My carnations are in full bloom. There were so many colors to choose from, however, I found that these pinks really drew me in. It reminded me of a song that had the words “pink carnation”.

Color guide - carnations

Week 29 – This image was from a friend who has recently been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. He is now in a wheelchair but still loves photography. I love the wildflowers and these pink ones are magnificent! I would guess that these would make a gorgeous bouquet but I do not have the heart to pick these!

Color Palette - Wild Flower by Jeff Snyder

Week 28 – I have been blessed with the most colorful Hydrangea! In full bloom and all you can see are the gorgeous pinks!

Color Guide - Pink Hydrangea

Week 27 – The flowers continuously get better and better – this pink/purple black-eyed Susan is a perfect example of flowers that are so gorgeous. This one is from a recent walk in the neighborhood. Yummy colors for sure!

Gorgeous Color Palette of Pinks and Purples

Week 26 – Halfway through the year! This week, I fell in love with dandelions! As I was walking on the seawall, there were plenty of them along the shoreline. As there was very little maintenance this year, they were in full bloom. I do admire the gorgeous yellows!

Color Guide Dandelion by BettesMakes

Week 25 – The Sunbird. This bird is gorgeous, I could not resist making a palette with the colors from the feathers. These colors should give you inspiration when choosing paper or vinyl for your next project.

Color Guide - The Sunbird

Week 24 – Green Zinnia. Wow, green flowers – there are many of them in nature, we just do not see them often as most of us tend to plant really showy flowers of many colors. Green does make a gorgeous addition to any bouquet.

Week 23 – I love the orange flowers that are residing in my garden. Unfortunately, I am unsure of the name of this particular bloom so I called it Sweet Orange! If you know the name, please let me know and I can change up the palette to the correct name. to reply

Color Palette - Sweet Orange!

Week 22 – The purple rose. I came across this gorgeous rose while walking in my neighborhood last week. The rose stood out as so different from the other flowers in the garden. I was able to capture a single bloom – so sweet!

Color Palette - Purple Rose

Week 21 – A gorgeous display of Hydrangea in my garden. This flower can be in various colors depending on what is in the soil. I have seen from white to bright red in the area.

Color Palette Hydrangea

Week 20 – Remembering Lisbon! Just walking around this city takes your breath away with all the street art. Buildings, walls, and almost everything else display these gorgeous murals. This particular one really caught my eye and I could not resist making this palette!

Color Palette - Lisbon Wall Art

Week 19 – a study in Blue – this photo is a perfect example in how blue occurs in nature.

Color Palette - The blues

Week 18 and Spring is starting to move into summer, at least the weather is cooperating! This week I came across an Amerylis that I fell in love with as soon as I saw it!

Color Palette - Amerylis

Week 17 and we are heading into May! The spring flowers are so amazing as you take a walk in the great outdoors. Nothing stops spring from showing off. Another flower from a friend’s garden! Roses in California!

Weekly Color Palette - Rose Gold - California

Week 16. Tulips of Vancouver! These amazing flowers are in full bloom all over my neighborhood making the streets alive with Spring! I chose the purple ones from the corner garden as they stood out from the sea of blooms. Absolutely gorgeous!

Weekly Color Palette - Tulips of Spring

Week 15. The Primulus – gorgeous red blooms to awaken us for Spring. This is from my garden in Vancouver! The vibrant colors along with the bright sun really made this an amazing display of color!

Gorgeous colors for Spring or summer! Imagine using this palette as the basis of your DIY Home Decor #colorpalette

Week 14. Parrot feathers Photo is from a great place to learn photography and get it right! I love the color palette on this image and I hope you can use it to your advantage!

Color Guide - The Feathers

Week 13. This week I found this photo of a Roselle from Australia! I remember vividly how much I enjoyed exploring the east coast of the continent. So many good memories. As Australia has just come out of a devasting fire season only to be hit with a pandemic, I thought this bird would show us the beauty that the world has to offer.

Color palettes give us ideas and suggestions for how we want our DIY Home Decor  to be showcased.

Week 12 and the blossom are in full swing on the West Coast. Just walking down the street makes my jaw drop with these gorgeous cherry blossoms. The streets are lined and the show of color truly amazes me. I love Spring with the new tender green shoots, the leaves newly appearing on the trees, tulips are pushing through and the daffodils are making an incredible yellow blanket in the city gardens.

Week 11 – After my daughter took a flight back to Vancouver, she managed to capture this gorgeous view over Whistler. The blues in this shot are absolutely amazing! There is nothing like a great view of the mountains.

Week 10 – for the love of Spring! These gorgeous variegated purple crocuses are from the neighborhood garden. I took this photo in February – I can hardly believe they are blooming already. Don’t you just love spring flowers?

These colors weep spring! Imagine DIY Home Decor with this amazing color palette! I love to choose papers for making cards with my Cricut and this palette is absolutely perfect! #cricut #cricutcraft #diyhomedecor #colorpalette #papercraft #cardshandmade

Week 9 – These beautiful roses were a Valentine’s gift! The colors are so awesome that you could add this palette to all your DIT Home Decor needs when it comes to pinks – ahhh so perfect! #colorpalette #diyhomedecor #papercraft

These beautiful roses were a Valentine's gift! The colors are so awesome that you could add this palette toa all your DIT Home Decor needs when it comes to pinks - ahhh so perfect! #colorpalette #diyhomedecor #papercraft

Use these perfect color palettes for all your design needs. This daffodil was growing in February in Vancouver, BC Canada – the perfect contrast to the chills of winter. Perfect for week 8

Use these perfect color palettes for all your design needs. This daffodil was growing in Febrary in Vancouver, BC Canada - the perfect contrast to the chills of winter. #colorpalette #DIYhomedecor

Week 7 of the new year! I have been thinking about a trip to BC’s Okanagan Valley again this year to visit the hundreds of wineries in the region. I took this image while visiting last fall – The grape just before being picked and sent to the crush! The colors are perfect for DIY Home Decor. Check out my resource library for a special treat of other color palettes.

Week 6 of the year and the butterflies are limited to the south. This photo is from a collection I had in my collection from last summer. The colors are perfect and include the classic blue color of the year for 2020 fro Pantone.

Color palettes are what you need for all your crafting makes. Color palettes are easy to use when you have the hex code and the color name to work with. Make you creations better with these professional color palettes from #colorpalette #cricut #papercraft #maker
The every Changing World of Color Palettes

Choosing the Right Color Palettes

Choosing the right color palettes for your designs is absolutely one of the most important aspects of your makes. Even Pinterest images need to have the perfect color matches when adding the images to your boards. Design and color will make a huge difference in catching the attention of your audience. If you choose drab or nondescript colors, your pin may be passed by your ideal viewer.

Color Palettes Growth Strategy

Although the initial post here will only have a few images to start, I will be pinning a new palette at least once per week. ALL of the palettes are based on photos I have personally taken! I found that the palettes on some pins lacked the hex color numbers so it was pretty difficult to do color matching that worked well. For my images, each graphic will have the color palette and the hex code for each color. I wanted these palettes to be more useful rather than a simple guide and guess profile.

I am starting the palette list with a brown weave basket. This is a basket I used for showing people how to do some weaving in a previous post called “Weaving Made Easy“. I will be adding more palettes that are based on my blog articles. Feel free to pin and use any of them that you like. Start with this first one and be sure to check for updates each week for more.

Color Palettes for Pinterest

Feel free to pin any of these images to your boards. I will be adding to this list each week with a new set of colors.

This image is from Microsoft Bing Desktop images – just incredible for the colors you want to use in your own designs. I have long admired the Puffin and when I traveled through the Eastern Seaboard up to Newfoundland, I longed to see these magnificent birds, unfortunately, images were all I could hope for during the time I visited. Perhaps next time!

Weekly color palette - the Puffin - such an incredible bird - For the love of birds - you can use this color palette from nature for all your designs! #colorpalette #bird

Even in Winter, there are gorgeous flower blooms. I love these colors – perfect for any crafting make in the offseason.

Wow - Blossom Closeup with these amazing purple tones! Perferect for DIY Crafts, Cricut Crafts, and more. #cricut #papercraft #cricutcraft
Winter time and the berries are red and ripe with this Holly Color alette. Use this palette when making your winter crafts using your Cricut or by hand! Just imagine what you can do with these amazing colors! #Cricut #papercarft #colorpalette

Who said late fall and early winter had to be dull. With the mild temperatures in the Pacific Northwest, the flowers are still blooming. This flower is a purple passion – not sure of the real name of this one. This photo was taken mid-November and there are many more still blooming in the area! I do hope you can use this color palette for all your Cricut and Crafting needs.

Weekly Color Palette - Gorgeous Purple Passion Flower in late November - West Coast. The perfect color palette for Cricut users, papercrafters, and artists! #Cricut #papercraft #watercolor #colorpalette

I was in absolute awe when I saw this image of a blueberry bush with frost all around the leaves. So gorgeous and so fitting for this time of year. This image makes the perfect palette for the holiday season!

The frost is here and these blueberry plants are covered with such natural beauty. Add this color palette to your mix of colors for watercolor, papercrafts, and more. #colorpalette #papercraft #cricut

This Veterans (Remembrance) Day, please wear a poppy to show how you remember the sacrifice those who came before us. They are the ones who have enabled us to be free. Lest we forget…

In Flanders Fields the Poppies Blow between the crosses, row on row...A salute to veterans all around the globe Lest we forget! #colorpalette #poppy #poppies

It is fall and the ducks are still swimming around the lakes and ponds here in British Columbia. I would have thought they would fly south to stay warmer but not so! These Mallards are still hanging around where the warmish fall weather and abundant food is right here.

Color palettes to use in all your crafting - great colors from nature. This mallard duck color palette is perfect for bird related images! #colorpalette #color #duck

Just strolling down the street in the sunshine this time of year is so breathtaking with all the fall colors! This tree is in my neighborhood and the colors have been holding steadfast for a couple of weeks! Fall may soon fade, so now is the time to take out the paintbrush and start on your holiday season makes.

Weekly Color Palette - Maple Tress in Fall - oh how beautiful, just imagine using this palette for DIY Home Decor or just for making paper crafts or painting! #colorpalette #palette #papercraft #DIYhomedecor

This week I am adding to the palettes from the rooftop garden. These miniature mums are so gorgeous. I can imagine using these colors to make a beautiful ornament! Yes, pinks are perfect for the holiday season (the mums are blooming, are they not?)

Pinks are perfect for the holiday season and beyond! DIY Home Decor or simply a handmade card using your Cricut works! #cricut #cricutidea #cricutproject #handmadecard #papercarft #colorpalette

Wow Fall Asters from a roof top garden! These colors will take your breath away - imagine these colors as part of your DIY Home Decor project or making that next color choice for a paper craft! You will love these colors and many more from #colorpalette #color #DIYhomedecor #papercraft #craft

Wow a taste of the desert in this gorgeous image from bing! I love these Cordon Cacti and this image is amazing with the color palette it provides! Check BING for the full image. Find more great palettes at #colorpalette #palette #photography

Weekly pin - Color palette. This dahlia is from a garden in Vancouver, BC! Simply gorgeous and worth using the palette to make some stunning DIY Home Decor projects! See more at #colorpalette #palette #papercraft

Wow - Fall colors are amazing! Take this palette to make all your fall decorations! Think Halloween, Thanksgiving and more...FREE from

With Fall upon us - this Poplars in Fall color palette is ideal for all your Autumn crafting color needs. Use this palette for Hallowe'en, Thanksgiving, or at any time! Perfect for paper crafts, DIY Home Decor, and creating anything for the fall. All FREE downloadables at

Clouds color palette gives you a real idea around what colors clouds really are. We imagine white and gray but did you know they are also blue? Use this color palette as a basis for watercolor art and more from

Unbelievable beauty - pink mums! Just imagine making your color choices for any craft using this palette. Perfect for DIY Home Decor, Handmade cards, and paper crafts. Check more out at

Color PAlette of the week - Purple Bellflower. Imagine using this color palette for making the perfectly color coordinated handmade card or painting a room with your DIY Home Decor skills using the perfectly matching colors.

Marigolds! This is the perfect weekly pin! Be sure to add this to your collection and check back each week for more color palette additions from

Gladiolas are so gorgeous with these pink colors - I have many other colors in the garden but this one took my breath away. This color palette is perfect for DIY Home Decor, card making, and other papercrafts.

FoxGloves provide us with beauty in the early summer and a color palette that is great for DIY Home Decor.

Color Palettes - Weekly Pin - Tiger Lily gives you a true natural mixture of  Yellows, oranges, and greens. Imagine making a card or painting furniture to match this palette!  Working with these colors you could have a gorgeous watercolor sky. #colorpalette #papercgraft #craft #card #handmadecard

Color Palette Weekly Pin - The Sunflower -

Breathtaking color! Decorating using this palette would be absolutely awesome! Perfect for DIY Home Decor!!! DIY Paper Flowers using print and cut with your Cricut would be amazing! #cricut #DIYhomedecor #paperflower #DIYpaperflower #colorpalette #peony

Color Palette - Carnations - Weekly Pin

Color palette - Coleous -

color palettes  petunias -

Color palette - hollyhock -

Color Palette Daisy - a shot from the gardens of Bette -
Daisy – June 23, 2019

Color Palettes - Zinnia Black-eyed-Susan -
Zinnia – Black-Eyed Susan June 17, 2019

Color Palettes - Rudbeckia -
Rudbeckia – June 12, 2019

Color Palettes for all your artwork depend on the mixtures and blends that please the eye. These color palettes are taken from nature through BettesMakes photography. These perfect natural color palettes will give your projects eye pleasing insights! Perfect for home decor, art work, and interior paints. #paperflower #homedecor #colorpalette
Irises Color Palette June 8, 2019

There is no doubt that a sunset brings people together! Watch one every night and you will get something different each time. The more colorful the sunset, the more awe inspiring it is. Take these awesome moments and use them in your designs and graphics. Any palette from nature gives you a very realistic look! #colorPaletttes
Vancouver Sunset Palette, June 6, 2019

Color palettes - poppies from
Poppies from my Garden – May 29, 2019

Color Palette - Pink Rose -
Color Palette – Pink Rose – May 23, 2019

Color Palette - Hydrangea Blue
Hydrangea Blue May 20, 2019

Color Palete Pink Rhododendron
Pink Rhododendron May 17, 2019
Basket Browns Color Palettes are absolutely amazing. This palette is perfect for matching browns in your home decor projects or for all your crafting needs. Be sure to see all the color palettes from #colorpalette #homedecor
Basket Browns Color Palette May 15, 2019

Color Palettes - Liliac from

More to Come – Color Palettes

Here is a collage of raw images I will be using for the palettes. These images are a start – if you would like to see anything else – let me know (I live next to the ocean so water, birds and urban life are very close at hand). Just make a comment below for what else you want.

Collage of Raw Images for creating palettes.

Most blog posts are fairly static, this one is not. It is an on-going work of finding incredible crafts with designs and colors that will amaze you. The idea is to provide you with ideas and hex codes so that you can easily work within the palette.

Until my next image is posted.


The Ever Changing World of Color Palettes

Color palettes -

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