Paper Weaving Banners are so easy to make! Perfect for special occasions - use your Cricut to cut the pieces - cuts line up perfectly this way! #cricut #cricutproject #cricutcraft #papercraft #paperweaving

The Art of Paper Weaving

DIY Paper Weaving Art is more than cutting straight lines and weaving them together to make a mat. Paper weaving is very popular in Denmark and Norway. The craft is somewhat unknown in North America but it is making its way here. Over 100 years ago the Victorians had a love of paper weaving and keep it alive and well.

Paper can be somewhat of a mystery as the weight and size really make a difference in how you create your project. I am certain that some of my projects were not the best because of my paper choices. Today will definitely be different as I am going to recommend paper weightings that will work well for making our project.

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Resource Library

Today we are going to explore DIY paper weaving using curved lines to make some beautiful designs. I have added the templates for today’s project to the resource library to help you along. I created SVG files for those who use a Cricut or Silhouette machine and PDFs for those who wish to cut the pieces by hand.

Simple DIY Paper Weaving Art Materials

  • Straight pins with large heads – for securing over a styrofoam ball.
  • Paper Clips – for keeping the paper in place – you need metal ones as the plastic ones may not hold well enough
  • Needle – A blunt large darning needle for scoring paper if you are not using a cutting/scoring machine
  • Tweezers – these are used when you are weaving smaller strips and you cannot get your fingers through to pull. The preferred style is without grooves as those grooves tend to mark the paper.
  • Scissors or Xacto style knife – for cutting when necessary – smaller sharp ones are the best.
  • Pencil – for marking up parts of your project as you work through it. Also, you will need an HB or H2 pencil if you are hand tracing the templates.
  • Ruler – for measuring and using as a straight edge.
  • Creasing Tool – you will need these for making sharp creases. I use the Cricut burnishing spatula but you could also use the back side of a table knife.
  • Optional Caliper for making sure your pieces align before gluing them in place.
  • Paper Glue.
  • Paper -24 Lb bond (copy machine and letterhead weight) works well for most of the projects as it is lightweight. For sturdier projects, you should use 32 lb bond weight (best for brochures and presentations, just to give you an idea). Just remember, the thicker the paper, the more difficult it is to bend!
  • Templates which can be found in the resource library.

Projects Step-by-Step Guide

This step-by-step guide will help you create some great DIY Paper Weaving art. This is a truly FUN project to work on!

Step 1Download the template is SVG or PNG format from my resource library. I have designed these so you can use 8.5 x 11 paper. I suggest copy paper for the start as it is easier to fold and bend.

Step 2Cut the paper into the patterns as shown in the template. Use two different colors for each of the triangle cuts. You will make 2 of each triangle but they must mirror each other, 2 of each of the rounded shapes as well – mirroring is not necessary for these.

Step 3 – Once you have all your papers cut. We will now assemble the Star Triangle set first. See the images below for the way you want to do the bending and weaving. For the star, we are going to twist the layers. Start by placing one triangle on top of the other. Continue to twist pieces to fit into each other so the star is formed on both sides of the triangle

Shop at

Step 4 – Once you have finished the Star it is time to assemble the striped banner. This piece is a little confusing at first until you realize that you are always weaving from the top and behind the paper. I put together another short video for this to give you a sense of how to do this weaving.

Step 5Adjust any pieces in your projects so that they line up. You can glue them in place and hold the glue with a paper clip until it is dry.

Step 6 – The next banner we are going to do is the diamond-shaped pattern. This pattern looks difficult but once you see it is a simple weave you will not have any difficulties. See the video below for how to put this one together.

Step 7 – The final project for paper weaving is to make a woven heart. We will be using the two larger and two small pieces of rounded paper to make these. The results will give you two hearts, one large and one small. Watch the short video on how to do this one.

Simple DIY Paper Weaving Art Books for Inspiration

You may wonder why I put so many books in my posts. To start I have always loved books and reading gives me inspiration. Whether I read them online or have the physical book, they both bring such pleasure to a creative mind. The books listed below are ones I know will spark more interest in paper weaving possibilities. Some of the projects are absolutely amazing!

The Art of Paper Weaving: 46 Colorful, Dimensional Projects–Includes Full-Size Templates Inside & Online Plus Practice Paper for One Project

Papuela: The Basic of Paper Weaving

ALEX Toys Little Hands Paper Weaving

Simple DIY Paper Weaving Art Easy Video Tutorials

I created 5 videos for this project but there are many more I think would be good for exploring paper weaving even further.

Art With Trista – Paper Weaving – Step By Step

Optical Illusion Weaving

kente paper weaving

Last Word

Isn’t it fantastic when you can create simple DIY paper weaving art? This project has been so much fun and I have learned a great deal about using paper clips and curved paper segments. I am so pumped, I think I will try another project!

Don’t forget about my resource library. I have the template for today’s project in it plus so many more downloadables made just for you. Every post has something to offer, most have templates and downloadables available. Be sure to sign up to get them all for FREE.

Do share your projects in the comments below or on my Facebook page. I love seeing what others have created!

Until tomorrow…


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Cricut Craft from - learn how to paper weave and make this beautiful banners for DIY Home Decor - templates and tutorial are FREE. #cricut #cricutcraft #papercraft #paperweaving
Paper Weaving Banners are so easy to make! Perfect for special occasions - use your Cricut to cut the pieces - cuts line up perfectly this way! #cricut #cricutproject #cricutcraft #papercraft #paperweaving
Simple DIY Paper Weaving Art

How to paper weave using your cricut -

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Paper Weaving using your cricut - free templates -

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