Removing Extra Cuts

Prepping Your Design!

As with anyone, who doesn't love embellishments that you can add to a card or project? I have a great project that I am making for our December event but found that a few of the objects I wanted to use, even when I flattened them, had holes that were being cut!

Options for Removing Extra Cuts

The best place to start is by adding an Offset to your object. This way you are likely to get rid of a lot of the smaller cuts. In our case here, the smaller cuts are gone but there are still two larger cuts to get rid of. 

You may be wondering why not use a zero offset? 

The reason is simple, a zero offset does not cover many of the extra holes, especially the smaller ones plus it takes a lot of extra work to hide them all. That means that a small offset works the best.

By moving the Offset piece to the side, you can then cover the extra holes with circles then Unite or Weld them in place. Welding is permanent so you may want to use Unite.

The Holes Are Covered, Now What?

Now that all the holes are removed, you are going to put the offset piece back behind the original design and center it, so it shows the black through the holes you were removing.

Select the Offset black piece only then change the color to light purple (so you can see the offset line in the next step.

With the Offset piece still selected, Click on Offset and use the slider bar to the negative side - look at the line it creates on the object and move it until the line is close or inside the object, then click Apply.

Remove the Black Offset piece and change the new offset color to White.

The last step is to select the object and the new offset and Click on Flatten!

If you want to try this out for yourself, CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

Bette Daoust
Bette Daoust

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