Easy Cardmaking with this Irish Love Gatefold Card

St Patricks Day Gatefold Card

Create a Beautiful Gatefold Card With Ease

Your Cricut gives you an advantage when cardmaking! You can cut all the pieces and spend your time assembling the card instead spending time cutting by hand.

This Irish Love Gatefold Card is so special! Lots of glitter and lots of Irish love!

All the materials can be items you already have on hand. You will also find the template already to go in my resource library (asset #317)

Ultimate Cricut Toolkit

Here’s what you need to make your Irish Love Gatefold Card. This post does contain some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy.

Irish Love Gatefold Card Materials

Cardstock (light and medium) and Glitter cardstock
Glue - Glue stick, Double-sided tape, and Glue pads
Weeding Tools
 Resource Library Template (asset #317)

Ultimate Cricut Toolkit

Irish Love Gatefold Card Step-by-Step Guide

Step One - Download the Template

To start you will want to download the template (asset #317) from my Resource Library.

Unzip the file and upload the SVG file only to Cricut Design Space

Step Two - Design Space Changes

The template has been design so that you will not have to make any adjustments when you get into design space except to attach the saying to the center inside of the card.

You can add more text, if you wish but the one little greeting is perfect!

Make sure you save your project and then click on Make it.

When the mats appear on the screen, double check to see if your card is intact with the score lines in place, and the small shamrock pieces are on a separate mat (you will want to use glitter paper for this).

Step Three - Selecting materials

I have a couple of suggestions for your card. 

Use light cardstock for the inner part of the card and the two panel pieces.

Use medium cardstock for the card and the larger shamrock parts, including the stem.

Use Glitter cardstock for the smaller shamrock pieces.

This means you will have to pay attention to the materials when you go to cut each mat and make the necessary changes to the material type.

Cut your project!

Step Four - Assembly

Fold the two "wings" of your card toward the center.

glue the center panel to the inside of the card.

glue one of the Shamrock's to the inside. You will have to piece these together.

With the flaps closed, glue the two panels for the outside in place.

Next, try and match the positioning of the shamrock leaves to the ones on the inside. If they overlap the fold, it does not matter, you really want to match them up as best as possible. Dont's forget to add the stem.

Last, use your foam pads and place the glitter cardstock over the outside shamrock leaves - matching them as best you can.

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Ultimate Cricut Toolkit

Irish Love Gatefold Card Video

Last Word

Are you happy with the way your card turned out? This gatefold card is adorable and easy to put together - just follow the simple steps in the video if you get lost. 

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did.

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Until next time,

Happy Crafting!

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