Why Stripes?

Have you ever wanted to draw stripes inside a shape?
Adding drawings to many things is more or less limited to the outlines of the shape you are using. You can add to any design easily using stripes or other line segments quite easily.

 am going to show you how to add stripes that look fantastic.

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Here is an EASY trick you can use to make Stripes work for you.

As with any tip, you can try this idea and make your own adjustments.

Step 1: Add a rectangle to your Canvas

Unlock the sizing and change the width to 0.05" and the height to 6"

Step 2: Duplicate the rectangle

In this step we will be making 6 copies of the rectangle (for a total of 7) and organizing them into a 1" wide block.

Place the first rectangle at X=1, place another rectangle at the X=2, and slide all the other rectangles between those two rectangles.

Step 3: Select the Rectangles and Align Them

Select all the rectangles and Align them Top then Align them to Distribute Horizontally.

You will now have a 1" block to work with.

In our project we want to have enough rectangles so that they stretch over 6" wide. This way you will be able to cover most shapes. To do this, simply duplicate the block you just made and adjust the spacing so that it looks even. Group the rectangles together.

Step 4:. Add a Heart Shape to the Canvas. 

We will be adding our stripes to a heart.

Change the Operation to Pen and choose a pen color and size. I recommend changing the size to a 1.0 marker of Gel Pen for this project.

Step 5: Using Weld

in this step, you will make a duplicate of the large block of rectangles and then Weld the copy together.

After the group is Welded, rotate it 45 degrees. This is so the stripe goes on an angle and will look much better on your design.

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Step 6: Adding the Stripes to the Heart

Make a duplicate of the Heart you have on your Canvas.

Place the duplicate on top of the rotated stripes. (Use Arrange if needed).

Select the stripes and the Heart then use Combine, Intersect.

You will now have stripes in a heart shape.

Step 7: Add the heart outline to the new shape to finish it off

Take a duplicate of the heart and place it over top of the new shape you just created. Align them Center.

Attach the two pieces together so they are draw as one piece. 

Add your dew Draw piece to any of your projects. This makes a great design for cards!

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Bette Daoust
Bette Daoust

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