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All Boxes Are Not Created Equal!

As I was scanning through some locations on the internet around making boxes, it about to me that most boxes are fairly easy to put together. Most of the boxes, I would say around 95%, were square, rectangular, or pretty plain in nature. Now that is perfect if you don’t have an active imagination! But for those of us who do, and creators and makers certainly fall into that category, plain will just not cut it!

I did write another article on using shoe boxes, another plain shape, but for a different reason. Here are 2 other posts you will love. Check out Easy DIY Dioramas or another papercraft post called Handmade Bookmarks.

The boxes I want to create today are not square and will have some shape to them. To start, I hand-designed two different boxes. I placed the template for one of these boxes in my resource library.

Making a DIY Box

If you are truly enthusiastic and want to design your own, there are some principles you should follow. I know this is not for everyone, but just in case, here are a couple of steps you need to take.

Step 1Draw your box out on a sheet of paper, This way you will know what the finished product will look like. This step is important because you need to know how to take that box apart and build it up.

Step 2Create a diagram of each of the parts. For example, if you were to make a square box, you would need to draw for squares for the sides and two squares for the top and bottom. For anything more complex, you need to make sure you draw all the pieces.

Step 3 Cut out the pieces then tape them together to make your box – if something doesn’t fit, then you will need to go back and make sure you have drawn the correct sizes.

Step 4Open the box from one side and then figure out where your cut lines and score lines will be for the box. If you are doing this by hand the next step is to trace out your design onto cardstock or cardboard. Put in the score lines and cut the edges as planned.

Materials Needed for your DIY Box

For the rest of us, creating a box using a template is a great way to make something special. Here is what you will need to get going on this project.
  • Cardstock or cardboard to make the box. I suggest you use larger sheets of paper or you can glue sheets together if you don’t have enough room for your box shape.
  • Scissors.
  • Scoring tool.
  • Cutting machine (optional) – you can also cut by hand with your scissors.
  • Template for your box. Download the template for this project in my resource library.

Making your DIY Box

Here are the steps you need to take in order to make this fantastic DIY Box!

Step 1 Download the template from the resource library.

Step 2 – If you are using a cutting machine, upload the SVG file into your design area. When using a cutting machine be sure to adjust the score lines as needed. If you are hand cutting, print the template out so you can use it as a pattern.

Template for DIY Box

Step 3Cut and score your box material according to the directions on the template. Dotted lines mean scoring and solid lines mean cutting.

Step 4Fold on the score lines and be sure to fold everything in the same direction. If you fold in different directions, the box will not be easy to assemble.

Step 5 Assemble the box.
  • The box comes in two pieces. The lid and bottom are attached to one piece. You will need to glue the two side pieces together.

  • Next, fit the flaps at the bottom inside the box. The trapezoid shaped pieces should be inserted first, then fit the rectanglar pieces inside. It will take some wiggling around to fit them.
  • Glue the bottom flaps down on the inside. The box is small so it may take some maneuvering to make it happen.

DIY Box - Assembling the Box Bottom

  • Lastly, fold the pieces of the box top into place. You will not glue these as you may want to open and close the box. The pieces fit snugly together so you may want to cut off the trapezoid shaped flaps to make it easier to get in and out of the box. I leave mine together but the choice is yours.

Step 6Decorate your box, add a present, and give it to your best friend.

Finished DIY Box

Great Reading Resources for DIY Boxes

There is so much more to making boxes and the possibilities are endless. I have read many books on the subject and there is a whole career just for designing boxes. For the rest of us there is a lot of fun in creating our own boxes. These reading resources will help you along the way to designing your own.

Some Video Inspiration!

I have hand-picked some great YouTube videos for making boxes. Once you have completed your project, give this a try as well.

How to Make a Paper Box

How to Make an Explosion Box

DIY Secret Stepper Box

Last Word

You should be well on your way to making your own boxes and possibly even designing them. This article on DIY Boxes is just a start on the designs you can create. Every present you give deserves to have a special box made for it. If you are a crafter and maker, you will certainly be up to the challenge of making these wonderful packages!

Just a reminder to go to my resource library and get you hands on all my downloadables for the projects I write about.

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DIY Boxes for Any Occasion

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