Easy Paper Stained Glass

For the Love of Paper Stained Glass

Paper stained glass is a great way to decorate bedrooms and outdoor spaces (at least those protected from the weather. Imagine a hummingbird design, or even an owl or rose! These are just 3 of the templates we will be using for this paper stained glass project. Getting started is easy, all you need is paper that is thin enough to see through (well translucent anyway) and markers. Time to have some fun with this project!

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Getting Started with Paper Stained Glass

There many different materials you can use to make paper stained glass. Some use tissue paper, others use acetate sheets. I recommend using tracing paper as it is translucent and easy to work with. The marker or paint colors shine through so easily.

This paper stained glass project is meant to be simple yet challenging at the same time. The templates I have provided have some details and you are not obligated to use my templates as you may have some ideas of your own.

I recommend you start with the templates and choose the best one for the skill level of the person completing the project.

Materials You Will Need

These supplies are easy to find around the house and if they are not, then a trip to a grocery store is all you will need.
  • download the templates
  • cut the frame with cardstock
  • trace the outline in black with either acylic paint or black marker
  • color – paints or markers
  • paper – tracing paper works best but you can also use a transparency sheet or cellophane.
  • scissors
  • light box or light from the window for tracing the initial image
  • glue – for putting hte stained glass into your frame
  • wire or string to hang the stained glass
  • more to come???

Step-by-Step for Making Paper Stained Glass

This is one of the easiest projects to do with the whole family. All you need are simple tools and supplies to have the best paper stained glass project completed.

Step 1Download the templates from my resource library

Templates for Paper Stained Glass

Step 2Trace the black lines onto your paper (the paper you will be using for your stained glass project).

Step 3Draw the Black lines thick enough that you can color around them without losing the shapes of the design. Use your black marker or acrylic paints.

Creating Black Outlines

Step 4Color in the individual blocks using markers, paints, or cut tissue paper. Make sure you can see through the colors by holding the paper up to the light.

Coloring Blocks

Step 5Let the paper dry.

Step 6Make a frame for your project. Use 2 pieces of cardstock and cut a hole to fit the paper. The paper will need to overlap the frame. Place the paper on one piece of the frame and glue it in place.

Step 7Add string to the top of the frame so you can hang your project then glue the ends in place.

Adding String and Frame

Step 8Squirt glue to the second piece of cardstock and press all three pieces together.

Step 9Hang your paper stained glass project in a window and admire your work!

Final Project

More Stained Glass Ideas

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Last Word

I love stained glass and my family often makes the real thing. I am not much into having broken glass around so I added this article so I could make paper stained glass without the glass mess.

This project takes less than an hour to put together and once again it is a project where the whole family can get involved. I love crafting activities that involve the kids and their families.

Don’t forget that you can download all 5 template designs from my resource library. I saved them as both SVG and PNG files to make it easy for you to make your own projects.

Did you make some paper stained glass? If so, please share it with me in the comments below or on my Facebook page!

Until tomorrow…


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Easy Paper Stained Glass

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