Make Your Own Wire Pendant

DIY Wire Pendants Are Treasures

A wire pendant is something special! You can design your own and twist the wire to fit your design. Add a few decorations such as rocks, beads, or buttons to really spice it up. You will be absolutely amazed at the wire pendants you will be able to make. The project today is very easy to make and you can use wires you have around the house or find at the dollar store. No need for expensive materials when you are first starting out.

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Safety Considerations

When working with wire and metals you need to be protected against injury.

  • Wear eye protection. I wear glasses to do my work and it helps to prevent any accidental slippage from getting into my eyes.
  • For cutting the wire always hold the wire end toward the table. This way you will minimize the risk of flying bits hitting you.
  • Don’t overdo sitting for too long. Take some breaks if you need them. Get up and more around. Time does get away from you so setting a timer will help. This project should not take you longer than 1 hour but you still need to consider breaks.
  • Always use your tools as suggested by the manufacturer.
  • As with any craft, a well-ventilated space to work is best.

Types of Wire

You can buy many different types of wire for your jewelry making. I used a coated wire that was 16 gauge from the dollar store and I also found some 26 gauge wire in their hardware section. These were perfect as they will bend easily. Bendability is important if the wire is too stiff you will not be able to manipulate it very well and will struggle with the bends you need for this project.



















Materials List for Your Wire Pendant

You can use materials you have around the house for this project. You can use buttons, old beads and even coated wires.

Step-by-Step on How to Make Your Wire Pendant

Step 1Set out your tools and put on your safety glasses.

Tools for Wire Pendant

Step 2 Cut the larger wire into a 12-inch strip. Cut 2 – 6-inch pieces of the smaller wire. Mark the center point of each wire.

Step 3 Bend the larger strip of wire into 2 spirals as shown in the image below:

Bending Wire

Step 4String your beads (3 or more) onto one of the smaller wires.

Step 5 Attached the smaller wire to the larger one and twist the ends around the outside pieces. The beads will then be centered below the bottom spiral. See the image below.

Attach Smaller Wire

Step 6 Take two more beads and thread them onto the center piece of each spiral. One bead per spiral.

Step 7 Add any other decoration you wish to finish up the project.

Books on Making Wire Pendants

Wire Wrapping: The Basics And Beyond

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Bead Jewelry 101: Master Basic Skills and Techniques Easily Through Step-by-Step Instruction

Videos on Making Wire Pendants

There are so man possibilities for making wire pendants. To help you make even more great wire pendant projects, here are a few videos to watch.

How to Make Twisted Wire People DIY Pendants Tutorial

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Last Word on The Wire Pendant

The toughest part for making wire pendants is the bending of the wire in between other wires. I found it not bad after I got used to the fact I could bend other wires out of the way until I was finished a section. I really like the results of this project as it was quite easy to do. I can hardly wait to try a few more of these!

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Make Your Own Wire Pendant

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