Easy Large Garden DIY Paper Flower

DIY Paper Flower Large Garden Style

DIY Paper Flowers are certainly taking hold in the crafting world. Even artificial flowers are moving into all the craft stores I visit. I prefer to make my own and this project Easy Large Garden DIY Paper Flower is a lot of fun to create. I designed the flower and leaves so you will be able to grab the SVG files to make this one yourself.

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Easy Large Garden DIY Paper Flower Materials

This project is not expensive to do, all you need is a few supplies – most of which you likely have around the house.

  • 4 Sheets multicolored cardstock – 1 sheet for the petals, 1 sheet for the leaves, 1 sheet for the flower back and top, 1 sheet for the center. If you use 12 x 12 paper you will be able to make a larger flower. For this project, you can use 8.5 x 11 if you wish.
  • Cutting Machine (I use a Cricut). You can also cut and score this project by hand if you do not have a machine available.
  • Glue for gluing all the flower parts together.
  • 4 Green Pipe Cleaners to be the stems.
  • Scissors – you will need these for curling the flower petals.
  • Dowel or other material for the stem.
  • SVG Template files – you can download these from my resource library.

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Easy Large Garden DIY Paper Flower Step-by-Step Directions

Step 1 Download the SVG Files from my resource library and upload them to your Cricut or other Design application.

SVG Cut Files for DIY Paper Flower

Step 2 Change the inside portion of the leaves to score lines. And make sure the stem is attached to the leaf itself as it may get cut off (you can always glue it back on later. I decided to not use the cut stems, instead, I used short pipe cleaners to work as the stems. These were much sturdier.

Leaf Lines

Step 3Score and cut the pieces of the Easy Large Garden DIY Paper Flower.

Step 4 Remove the pieces from your mats and weed where necessary

Step 5Assemble the Flower by gluing the petals onto the backing piece.

Flower Parts

Step 6 – Glue the remaining flower pieces in place.

Step 7Add a stem – you can use a dowel or floral wire for this part of the project. Fold the leaves at the center score line. This will give a more realistic look to the leaves when displaying your flower. Fasten the stem in place.

Leaf Assembly

Step 8 Wrap the stem with floral tape or crepe paper adding the leaves as you go.

Step 9 – Once the stem is glued or taped to the flower head, it is time to curl the petals for a more realistic look.

Easy Large Garden DIY Paper Flower

Step 9Repeat the process if you wish to make more than one Large Garden DIY Paper Flower.

Easy Large Garden DIY Paper Flower Book Resources

There is nothing better than reading or scanning books on the subject you are working on. Take a look at these books for more creative ideas on what you can make!

The Fine Art of Paper Flowers: A Guide to Making Beautiful and Lifelike Botanicals

The Art of Paper Flowers: Creating Realistic Blossoms from Ordinary Papers

Paper Blooms: 25 Extraordinary Flowers to Make for Weddings, Celebrations & More

Easy Large Garden DIY Paper Flower Video Inspirations

The first on my list will always be my hero Jennifer Maker! She is so amazing and her video on paper flowers is the absolute best! I have also added a couple of other videos I think will give you more inspiration.

How to Make Paper Flowers in Cricut Design Space — All 10 Flowers!!


How To Make Beautiful Paper Flowers Origami | DIY Paper Flower Crafts

Last Word on Creating an Easy Large Garden DIY Paper Flower

This project was so much fun to create. The most difficult part was making sure the stem stayed in place. The results are amazing! I have always loved designing in Illustrator and this flower was incredible especially because I decided that the leaves needed score lines to look fantastic.

Don’t forget to download the SVG files from my resource library. I place new files in the library each week. Don’t miss a project!

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Easy Large Garden DIY Paper Flower

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