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When it comes to crafts, the sky is the limit when it comes to the materials you can use. Art and toilet paper rolls actually came to my attention until recently. I was watching an art presentation and noticed some of the material being used in the end product looked like toilet paper rolls. I was uncertain but it sparked my imagination and I was wanted to see what others had created and what I could make as well.

I though perhaps that toilet paper rolls were used for kids crafts only and that is completely false. There are works of true art created by kids, teens, and adults alike. You just have to do an internet search to find all kinds of surprises!

Today is the day we will be creating our own art using toilet paper rolls. In this article, we will work on one project. I created an eBook that not only gives more detail to this project but adds 2 more fun and interesting ways to create are with toilet paper rolls. Be sure to go to the resource library and grab a copy.

Today’s Craft – Toilet Paper Roll Flower Poster

This project is not the easiest to do but the whole family can do it. It takes a little manipulation of the paper and getting hands all full of glue. I know you are up to it. The finished project should like similar to this:

Toilet Paper Roll Art Flower Poster

Materials Needed

  • Download the Ideas For Creating Art with Toilet Paper Rolls eBook
  • 1 Toilet Roll Cut into 1/2″ pieces (9)
  • Washi Tape
  • 1 sheet of 8.5 x 11″ paper cut into 1/2″ strips
  • 1 Green Fuzzy Pipecleaner
  • 1 Piece Tissue Paper (for center)
  • 1 Circular piece of paper or cardboard (or use a round cut from the toilet roll) for the center of the flower
  • Paper Glue – use glue that dries clear so you will not see any seepage
  • 1 sheet cardstock for the background

Getting Started

Before you begin, clean off any debris from your toilet paper rolls. The debris will make gluing extremely difficult as the toilet paper stuck to roll will tear off unexpectedly.

Since we will be making flowers, you will need to cut your roll into 1/2″ strips so that you end up with approximately 9 circles to use in your project.

As you will not want to use plain roll surfaces, you will either cover the circles with Washi Tape or paint them ahead of the project. This way you can have red, pink, blue, yellow or any other color for your flower petals. In this project, I covered my circles with Washi tape (inside and out).

You will also want to cover the circle for the center of the flower. I covered mine with a gold colored tissue paper, then stuffed it with crumpled tissue paper of the same color.

I used a pipe cleaner to make the stem and leaves and finally added curled paper on the inside of each petal to make a great looking effect.

If you really want to go into the details on how to make this project, download the eBook Ideas for Creating Art with Toilet Paper Rolls from the resource library – there is no cost as my resource library is completely FREE.

Reading for More Ideas

The ideas for using toilet paper rolls is amazing. I googled the images of what was being made, and wow is all I can say. As usual, I found some books I think may be of interest to you. They certainly inspire me.

Videos from the Experts

10 Toilet Paper Roll Crafts – Recycle!

How to make PAPER OWL | DIY toilet paper roll craft ideas

This next video will put you in awe! I have yet to try this one but it looks amazing!

Last Word

Even as I write this blog article I have glue stuck to my hands! There is always more on me and my workspace. This project and the next two in my FREE downloadable ebook in the resource library kept me busy all day. These projects can be done by the whole family. Some are more challenging than others.

I love it when the outcome is what I expected!

I so hope you will try this project or the downloadable ones. When you complete your project don’t forget to share it!

Until tomorrow…


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