The every Changing World of Color Palettes

Choosing the Right Color Palettes

Choosing the right color palettes for your designs is absolutely one of the most important aspects of your makes. Even Pinterest images need to have the perfect color matches when adding the images to your boards. Design and color will make a huge difference in catching the attention of your audience. If you choose drab or nondescript colors, your pin may be passed by your ideal viewer.

Color Palettes Growth Strategy

Although the initial post here will only have a few images to start, I will be pinning a new palette at least once per week. ALL of the palettes are based on photos I have personally taken! I found that the palettes on some pins lacked the hex color numbers so it was pretty difficult to do color matching that worked well. For my images, each graphic will have the color palette and the hex code for each color. I wanted these palettes to be more useful rather than a simple guide and guess profile.

I am starting the palette list with a brown weave basket. This is a basket I used for showing people how to do some weaving in a previous post called “Weaving Made Easy“. I will be adding more palettes that are based on my blog articles. Feel free to pin and use any of them that you like. Start with this first one and be sure to check for updates each week for more.

Color Palettes for Pinterest

Feel free to pin any of these images to your boards. I will be adding to this list each week with a new set of colors.

Breathtaking color! Decorating using this palette would be absolutely awesome! Perfect for DIY Home Decor!!! DIY Paper Flowers using print and cut with your Cricut would be amazing! #cricut #DIYhomedecor #paperflower #DIYpaperflower #colorpalette #peony

Color Palette - Carnations - Weekly Pin

Color palette - Coleous -

color palettes  petunias -

Color palette - hollyhock -

Color Palette Daisy - a shot from the gardens of Bette -
Daisy – June 23, 2019

Color Palettes - Zinnia Black-eyed-Susan -
Zinnia – Black-Eyed Susan June 17, 2019

Color Palettes - Rudbeckia -
Rudbeckia – June 12, 2019

Color Palettes for all your artwork depend on the mixtures and blends that please the eye. These color palettes are taken from nature through BettesMakes photography. These perfect natural color palettes will give your projects eye pleasing insights! Perfect for home decor, art work, and interior paints. #paperflower #homedecor #colorpalette
Irises Color Palette June 8, 2019

There is no doubt that a sunset brings people together! Watch one every night and you will get something different each time. The more colorful the sunset, the more awe inspiring it is. Take these awesome moments and use them in your designs and graphics. Any palette from nature gives you a very realistic look! #colorPaletttes
Vancouver Sunset Palette, June 6, 2019

Color palettes - poppies from
Poppies from my Garden – May 29, 2019

Color Palette - Pink Rose -
Color Palette – Pink Rose – May 23, 2019

Color Palette - Hydrangea Blue
Hydrangea Blue May 20, 2019

Color Palete Pink Rhododendron
Pink Rhododendron May 17, 2019
Basket Browns Color Palettes are absolutely amazing. This palette is perfect for matching browns in your home decor projects or for all your crafting needs. Be sure to see all the color palettes from #colorpalette #homedecor
Basket Browns Color Palette May 15, 2019

Color Palettes - Liliac from

More to Come – Color Palettes

Here is a collage of raw images I will be using for the palettes. These images are a start – if you would like to see anything else – let me know (I live next to the ocean so water, birds and urban life are very close at hand). Just make a comment below for what else you want.

Collage of Raw Images for creating palettes.

Most blog posts are fairly static, this one is not. It is an on-going work of finding incredible crafts with designs and colors that will amaze you. The idea is to provide you with ideas and hex codes so that you can easily work within the palette.

Until my next image is posted.


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The Ever Changing World of Color Palettes

Color palettes -

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