Make Your Own Wire Pendant

Make Your Own Wire Pendant Necklace

A wire pendant is something special! You can design your own and twist the wire to fit your design. Add a few decorations such as rocks, beads, or buttons to really spice it up. You will be absolutely amazed at the wire pendants you will be able to make. The project today is very easy to make and you can use wires you have around the house or find at the dollar store.

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How to Make a No-Sew Potholder

How to Make No-Sew Potholders

Potholders do not stir up dreams of a romantic kitchen but believe me, they do add to the decor of any table! By designing your own potholders you can get the perfect coordination of color and design without spending a fortune! Potholders are a staple in the kitchen and besides using them to pick up hot pans, you can use them in place of a trivet on the table or countertop. Potholders are so versatile and their uses go well beyond just the kitchen.

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