Easy Make Wedding Invitations!

Wedding Invitation Using Your Cricut

The Perfect Personalized Wedding Invitations!

Have you been wondering how to make a wedding invitation card? Often the biggest issue is to find the right wedding invitation template you can use without worrying about attribution or how you are allowed to use the design. This design can act as a guide for creating your own, or you can use it as is.

You can download the template for this wedding invitation right from our resource library - be sure to look for asset #340!

Ultimate Cricut Toolkit

Here’s what you need to make your Wedding Invitation. This post does contain some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy.

Wedding Invitation Materials List

Cricut Maker or Cricut Air 2 or Joy

Standard or Light Grip Mat

Cardstock that fits your machine - 2-sided works best

1/4" wide ribbon


Asset #340 from my resource library

Ultimate Cricut Toolkit

Wedding Invitation Step-by-Step Guide

Wedding Invitation Using Your Cricut

Step One - Download the Template

To start you will want to download the template (asset #340) from my resource library.

Unzip the file and upload the SVG file only to Cricut Design Space

Wedding Invitation Using Your Cricut

Step Two - Design Space Adjustments

There are only a couple of adjustments to be made in Design Space. The first is to change the Yellow basic cut object to Pen. 

Wedding Invitation Using Your Cricut

Step Three - Changing the Pen Type

You can choose your own pen size. For a nice Silver line, choose Glitter Gel 0.8mm and the Silver from the drop-down list.

Double check to make sure everything is attached and saved. Click on Make It to continue.

Wedding Invitation Using Your Cricut

Step Four - Selecting Your Material

You want to make sure you select the right type of material for your card. My suggestion is to use a double-sided medium cardstock and use a solid core paper if possible. This will give you a nice clean cut without white showing through in the core.

Your cardstock should also have one side a plain color so that the pen drawing will show.

Place the cardstock with the plain side up and the patterned side down for maximum effect.

Wedding Invitation Using Your Cricut

Step Five - Assembly

The assembly is quite simple. You want to fold the edges in towards the center. This means the silver pen drawing will be in the middle and the edges are folded in. Crease the edges so they form a sharp fold.

Next, cut a piece of narrow ribbon - 12” is the perfect size.

Thread the ribbon through the two holes in the center middle of the card, even the ribbon out and then tie a bow.

Wedding Invitation Using Your Cricut

Step Six - The Finishing Touches

Time to display your wedding invitation for all to see. Do share it in our Facebook group! https://facebook.com/groups/BettesMakes

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Ultimate Cricut Toolkit

Wedding Invitation Video

Last Word

This wedding invitation is gorgeous and you can handwrite your message in the center or use your Cricut to add the text that is appropriate for your special occasion.

Don’t let anything get in your way when you are helping to plan a wedding (or anniversary). Use this template, make any adjustments you wish - you can use this for personal or commercial projects.

The important thing is to have fun and enjoy the crafting life!

Please join our Facebook group - https://Facebook.com/groups/BettesMakes and share what you have done plus join in the fun.

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I did.

If you made a Wedding Invitation, please share it on our Facebook group. https://Facebook.com/groups/BettesMakes

Until next time,

Happy Crafting!

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Wedding Invitation Using Your Cricut

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