The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools You Need Right Away to Get Started with Paper Crafting

The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools I Use For Paper Crafting

The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools came about because I have been experimenting with all types of tools, from cutting machines to simple scissors. Although I like my cutting machine for detailed cuts, most of the time the simple tools work best. My goal with this post was to make a few paper flowers using only the simple tools you can find in the downloadable sheet. You can download it by filling out the form below for instant access.


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Today’s Project Using The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools

We will be making a total of 3 different projects using The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools. Today’s post will concentrate on the first project, which is a beautiful carnation.

  • The first project will be a carnation using only 2 sheets of 65 lb bond paper, a small amount of crepe or other paper, a cotton ball and a garden tie stick plus glue and floral tape.
  • The second project will be a gorgeous peony. Look for this post next week.
  • The third project will be a fantastic lily. This will appear in the next week or so. Be sure to check back often to see more amazing projects you can do without paying a fortune for materials.

Materials for Making the Carnation Using The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools

We will not be using a cutting machine for any of the projects as you can make beautiful paper crafts without one.

All the materials listed in the downloadable The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools You Need to Get Started with Paper Crafting
In addition, you will need:

  • Floral Tape
  • Crepe Paper or Crepe Streamers
  • Pinking Shears or Rotary cutter that has a pinking blade
  • 2 Pieces of green pipe cleaner to put inside the leaves

Some of the tools required for making the DIY Paper Flower Carnation

Project 1 – Paper Carnation Using The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools

Be sure to look for the second project coming in the next week. Visit often to see what new crafts and downloadables we have for you and your family.

For this project, we will be making a paper carnation. You will need a crepe-paper streamer or use whole sheet crepe-paper. You will not need a cutting machine to make this gorgeous carnation, you can make this with many of the simple tools I outline in my downloadable “The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools You Need Right Away to Get Started with Paper Crafting“.

Step 1 Download the templates and article from my resource library.

Step 2 Cut two or three 16″ lengths of a red (or color of your choice) streamer. These will be the flower color for the carnation.

Step 3 Cut 2 of each of the leaves from the template (found in my resource library).

Getting ready to cut the leaves for the DIY Paper Flower Carnation
Cit two of each leaf from the template

Step 4Place the streamer pieces on top of each other and secure them in place with paper clips so they will not move out of position. Then take the pinking shears and trim one of the long edges to get an uneven look. This will be the top edge of the flower.

Cutting the Streamer for the Carnation Flower
Pinking and Securing the flower crepe=paper

Step 5Using a thread (try and match the thread color to the color of your flower) and needle Baste the bottom of the carnation (opposite side to the edge you cut with the pinking shears). Then pull the thread so you have a gathered set of crepe-paper.

Sewing the Petals - BettesMakes
Matching the Thread with the Petals then Basting

Step 6 Using your stem (you can use a rubber coated twist tie from the dollar store for the stem or any other material you wish), roll the basted edge of the flower around the stem (approximately 1″ down from the top of the stem). Then glue the petals and stem together. Wait for the glue to dry before moving on to the next step.

Gluing the Stem for the Carnation - BettesMakes
Gluing the Stem to the gathered petals

Step 7 Add glue to the center of each of the large leaves and place the pipe cleaner pieces onto the glue. Make sure the top of the leaf does not have any pipe cleaner going over the edge. It does not matter if the pipe cleaner extends beyond the bottom. Let the glue dry.

Step 8Place some glue on both sides and top of the pipe cleaner and then add the inner leaf and mold it to fit around the pipe cleaner. If you watch the video below it may help with this process. Let the Glue Dry.

Carnation - Gluing the Leaves together - BettesMakes
Glue Floral Wire or a Pipe Cleaner to the center of the larger leaf

Step 9 – Using your floral tape, add the leaves to the stem, securing them tightly in place. You might want to place them at least 1.5″ down from the bottom of the flower.

Carnation - Attaching the leaves to the stem- BettesMakes
Attaching the Leaves to the Stem

Step 10 – Using either your floral tape or a green crepe-paper streamer, twist the tape around the entire stem including the bottom part of the flower. This will give your carnation a realistic look.

Step 11 Spread out the flower petals so that you carnation petals are open around the edges. Watch the video below to see how I did this for the project.

Separating the Layers and Spreading the Petals - BettesMakes
Separating the Layers and Spreading the Petals

Step 12Make more carnations so you have a whole bouquet! I do hope you enjoyed this simple DIY Paper Flower – Carnation project using my Simple & Cheap Tools!

A Little Video Inspiration Using The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools You Need Right Away For Getting Started with Paper Crafting

I created a video just for you! This will take you through the whole process of making your carnation. For this video I used less crepe-paper for the petals but you can add as many layers as you wish to make a fuller design.

Last Word

This project is great for the whole family and you can teach your kids a new sewing skill at the same time. This beautiful carnation is perfect for decorating any room!

Don’t forget to visit my resource library and download my printable, The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools You Need Right Away to Get Started with Paper Crafting. You will also find other useful templates and downloadables in the library that are FREE for you to use.

Happy Crafting…

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The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools You Need Right Away to Get Started with Paper Crafting

Diy Paper Flowers are so much fun to create. This carnation only uses Simple & Cheap Tools - you will love it! if you can glue and cut, then you can make this amazing carnation. #papercraft #paperflower #carnation #craft

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