Are you a beginner and do not know where to get started with using your Cricut? These easy Cricut Beginner Projects will be absolutely perfect for you.

Easy Cricut Projects for Beginners

Are you looking for some easy beginner projects for your Cricut and are not sure where to begin? Well, look no further, here are 10 incredible easy Cricut beginner projects to get you started and all are free tutorials with free templates so you don't have to start from scratch!

Most of the supplies for this project came from Cricut.

For special fonts (you can some of these for FREE)

Here’s what you need to make all 10 easy Cricut projects for beginners! This post does contain some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy.

Iron-On does not have to make you cringe, once you get the hang of it, you will be making so much more with your Cricut. This project has been designed for the Cricut Joy, Air 2, and the Maker. It is very versatile and the lettering can be rotated to fit any machine. The theme of this pattern is Kindness and to help others through tough moments in their lives. This is a saying used by a Health Expert where I live and I fell in love with it as Kindness is the key to happiness (at least for me).

You can find the full tutorial here:

One-Sheet Tote - Cardstock

What a great tote bag! So Easy to Make and perfect for DIY Home Decor. You can even use these tote bags as a fashion accessory! #Cricut #papercraft

Have you often wondered how to make a tote bag with paper? This one sheet tote bag is so easy to make, you will want to make several. I thought this might be the perfect basket to use for Easter but also found it was perfect for birthdays as well. As a matter of fact, one of my readers suggested that it could be used as a stylish handbag that could be used for show! With that in mind I also thought of my daughters playing dress-up, they could make their own purses, so to speak!

You can find the full tutorial here:

Easy Paper Pumpkin Decoration

Pumpkin colors and decorations are everything over the next couple of months with Hallowe'en and Thanksgiving right around the corner. I found a similar design on Pinterest and although it was cute, I decided to make some changes so it could be cut using my Cricut machine. The template for this design is well suited for both the Cricut Maker and the Cricut Explore Air 2. The pattern is a series of scores and cuts - nothing extra is needed.

The first set of pumpkins that I tried used scrapbook paper for the pumpkin itself and although it seemed to have worked - I found that the cardstock worked much better.

To make these pumpkins get the full tutorial and template here:

Cardstock and Buttons

There are so many ideas around when art can be constructed from buttons. Our craft today is no exception! Creating button art is a challenge in some respects because the type of button art you can create is only limited by the imagination. I have seen lambs, hearts, sunflowers, jellyfish, and mosaics that will bring a gasp because they are so intricate and beautiful.  

Make this tree:

Easy Ornaments for Beginners

How to make glitter ornaments using your Cricut! These ornaments are so easy to make and they make the perfect DIY Home Decor! #Cricut #DIYhomedecor #Christmas #ornaments

Glitter ornaments are everywhere - you can actually buy them at the dollar store! Not exactly what you want to do! You will want to personalize your glitter ornaments and hang them with pride. There is nothing like making your own DIY Home Decor and you get to use your Cricut in the process!

I purchased my ornaments at Michaels as they were 50% off the list price. I bought the flat ones and the round ones as well. For this project, I will be using the flat ornaments - this is because they are easier to handle and much easier to apply the vinyl designs.

Speaking of vinyl designs, I posted the SVG files and shared them with you in my resource library!

Make these ornaments:

Easy Cricut Project Making Feathers

How to Make a Cuper Cute and Easy Paper Feather

Paper Feathers can be cut from almost any type of material so you can make more than just one style and type! Are you ready to have some easy craft fun? This is the perfect project for the entire family as you do not need a lot of supplies and you can use cardstock or any other type of paper such as newsprint, magazine pages, or even old book pages. 

Although the template is set for a 7" feather, you can reduce the size and make earrings, or other jewelry all from the same pattern.

Kids love making these paper feathers using the feather template that is free in my resource library. Just sign in to the library and you will also find hundreds of other templates that are free for you to use on any of your projects.

Make these feathers:

Easy Simple Shapes Greeting Card

Handmade Cards - How to Make a Stunning handmade card using your Cricut or scissors! Imagine having this card on your table to show the world how talented your are! #cricut #handmadecard #card #papercarft #cricutidea #cricutcraft #cricutproject

Getting into card-making is such a wonderful feeling! Take a look at the cards on the racks of most stores (yes, including the dollar store). It is often very difficult to find just the right sentiment and when you do, the image is not always what you are looking for! Card shops are there to inspire you - look around to get your ideas and how to personalize your own makes!

With handmade cards, you are able to make them using a Cricut cutting machine or using your scissors! Cricut provides you with the ability to make more in a shorter period of time! I often do both, depending on the complexity of the card I am making.

Make this card:

Easy Beginner Large Garden Paper Flower

DIY Paper Flowers are certainly taking hold in the crafting world. Even artificial flowers are moving into all the craft stores I visit. I prefer to make my own and this project Easy Large Garden DIY Paper Flower is a lot of fun to create. I designed the flower and leaves so you will be able to grab the SVG files to make this one yourself.  

Make this flower here:

Easy Beginner Project - Pencil Box

A pencil case that doubles as a storage container! As a crafter, you likely need more storage for your "bits and bobs"! I know that my desk always seems to accumulate lots of scraps and extra pieces that I want to keep. I always end up with lots of scrap paper and some of it are very thin strips. I do not throw those away, I quill those pieces and put them into one of my boxes! Make for easy storage.

I put the template for this box into my resource library so you can make it as well. All the detailed instructions are in this tutorial and the video that accompanies it.

Make this pencil box here:

Simple Cricut Project Making Paper Houses

Easy to make Paper Houses using your Cricut machine for cutting the template pieces. Lots of family fun - for special occasions such as Haloween or Christmas you can change the decor! Just imagine what you can create. The template is downloadable from #cricut #cricutcraft #cricutproject #cricutidea #paperhouse #papercraft

Being a very curious crafter, I was scrolling through some craft groups on Facebook and discovered a group totally dedicated to making paper houses! I had to join the group and learn a lot more. I soon discovered that many of the houses were incredible pieces of art! I was so impressed with the details and the designs that i just had to design one of my own! 

The project I am sharing with you is one that I designed, including the gingerbread trims. Of course, every new craft I try always takes me a lot longer that expected. in this case, I spend a day designing, a day figuring out my mistakes and making a few simple paper houses before recording my tutorial. You can see the video on my YouTube channel.

I am so happy to share this project with you - so happy crafting and remember to share your make in my Facebook Group.

Make these paper houses here:

Last Word

All of these projects are so fun to make and designing them was even more fun! Go over each project as you will learn new skills with every single one of them. Visit my YouTube channel to learn even more!

If you made any of these projects, please share it on our Facebook group.

Until next time,

Happy Crafting!

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Easy Cricut Project Ideas For Beginners
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