Are  you looking for FREE flower SVG files for your Cricut Makes? Or do you simply want a printable that will give you everything you need?

Free Cricut Paper Flower Templates

Printable and Free Paper Flower Templates

Making paper flowers from an SVG file makes it so much easier when you have the free template and tutorial to help you along. I have been making paper flowers for a long time and have accumulated many blog posts on that cover everything from crepe-paper to laser copy paper. As a result I have free Circut paper flower templates for you to use. 

Here are eight templates and tutorials you can use in you quest for printable flower template patterns including a free giant flower template for your Cricut.

Most of the supplies for this project came from Cricut.

For special fonts (you can some of these for FREE)

Here’s what you need to get your free paper flower templates! This post does contain some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy.

1. How to Make 3 Incredible Sunflowers

Making sunflowers - BettesMakes

Sunflowers generally bloom around the end of July and well into August but who can resist making these incredible flowers all year round? If you love DIY Paper Flowers then you will absolutely fall in love with making these 3 gorgeous sunflowers. Each sunflower uses a different technique and the results are stunningly beautiful.  

Make these sunflowers here:

2. Free Flower SVG for a Paper Lily

How to Make a DIY Paper Flower Lily

DIY Paper Flower Lily is the third project in our series using The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools You Need Right Away to Get Started Paper Crafting. The first two flowers in this series were Project #1 – Poppy and Project # 2 Peony. Each has brought a unique perspective to making flowers without expensive cutting machines. DIY Paper Flower projects do not need to be expensive, they just need to be FUN! 

Make your Cricut paper flower lily here:

3. Cricut Simple and Easy Peony Tutorial

Makinga Paper Peony is a fun project that anyone can do - perfect for the whole family! Just imagine making a bouquet of these amazing paper flowers! Perfet for the table and Diy Home Decor! Get the tutorial at

DIY Paper Flowers, making a Peony is the second project in this series of using The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools You Need Right Away to get Started with Paper Crafting. This peony takes very few items to make and under 1 hour to complete and show to the world! Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Cricut Maker and my Cricut Explore 2 and I do use them almost every day but I also create crafts that do not require any machines at all. 

Cricut Peony Paper Flower Assembly:

4. Top Simple Paper Flower Template for a Carnation

The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools You Need Right Away to Get Started with Paper Crafting

The Top 7 Simple & Cheap Tools came about because I have been experimenting with all types of tools, from cutting machines to simple scissors. Although I like my cutting machine for detailed cuts, most of the time the simple tools work best. My goal with this post was to make a few paper flowers using only the simple tools you can find in the downloadable sheet. You can download it by filling out the form below for instant access.

This carnation was on the top of my list!

Click her for access to your free paper flower templates for this carnation and more.

5. Giant Crepe-Paper Rose with Template

How to make an incredible crepe-paper rose - make it GIANT or make it small - the template gives you it all!

Crepe-Paper Flowers are so beautiful and long-lasting! They outlive anything that is grown in a pot or in nature. They are wilt free and irresistible plus they are very easy to make. You can involve the whole family with this amazing crepe-paper flower craft.

There are several methods you can use to make these wonderful crepe-paper flowers, however, we will stick to the single-petal method for this project.

Get the free giant flower template for your Cricut here:

6. Easy Large Garden DIY Paper Flower


DIY Paper Flower Large Garden Style

DIY Paper Flowers are certainly taking hold in the crafting world. Even artificial flowers are moving into all the craft stores I visit. I prefer to make my own and this project Easy Large Garden DIY Paper Flower is a lot of fun to create. I designed the flower and leaves so you will be able to grab the SVG files to make this one yourself.

Free Paper Flower SVG can be found here:

7. DIY Paper Flower Daisies

How to Make Easy DIY Paper Flowers -

Do you love DIY paper flowers? I know I sure do! Today, I decided I wanted to create some daisies using crepe paper. It sounded like an excellent idea until I went shopping for the crepe paper. This is where my adventure began! I spend 3 hours trying to find some and all I could find was crepe streamers. I bought a bunch of colors and thought I could adapt them to my project. This is where it really became interesting – the results, well, I will share that a bit later. 

Get this free Cricut Paper Flower Template here:

8. Perfecting Paper Flowers With Free Paper Flower Templates

Paper Flowers

DIY Paper Flower Crafts

DIY Paper Flowers are a hot topic when it comes to Pinterest pins! I have even dedicated a board to this topic as I love making Paper Flowers!

If you go through any craft store, there are big displays of plastic flowers and plants but somehow they just do not do the decorating trick I want for my home and office. Paper Flowers can be used on so many different crafts including wreaths, cards, and in vases!

If you want to have fun making paper flowers and want some free paper flower templates and printables just go here to find out more:

Last Word

All of these free paper flower templates make it easy to share your love of DIY Paper Flowers! Try each one of these! Some are more complicated than others but oh so worth the time and effort! Visit my YouTube channel to learn even more!

If you made any of these projects, please share it on our Facebook group.

Until next time,

Happy Crafting!

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