Don't Get Bored if you have to stay indoors!
14 Crafts To Make While Quarantined

14 Crafts to Make While in Quarantine

Quarantine does not mean you have to sit idly by, you can take advantage of the extra time you have on hand!
Spend Time Making These Incredible Crafts

Quarantined! This is always going to be a worry! It can be a drag if you are stuck indoors for a period of time! Why not take advantage of the time away from the hustle and bustle and make these 14 fun crafts! I put these together as it occurred to me that I could be the one in quarantine at some point in time and these are some of my favorite crafts to make. They are also ones where you probably do not have to visit the craft store to get any special supplies.

I put together 14 crafts for you so that you can create something each day of the quarantine. These are crafts that you could do when you are stuck indoors at any time, not just for quarantine!

I have a lot of resources for you in my FREE resource library - so don't let templates stop you for making any of these crafts.

Here’s what you need to make your 14 Crafts in 14 days! This post does contain some affiliate links for your convenience (which means if you make a purchase after clicking a link I will earn a small commission but it won’t cost you a penny more)! Read my full disclosure policy.

Folded Butterfly

For this folded butterfly, all you will need is some light cardstock (preferably double-sided), some glue and scissors (you can use your Cricut, if you have one as well). The template and step by step is provided for you. These are so adorable, you can make several for DIY Home Decor! Have fun during your quarantine!

A Paper and Scissors (or Cricut) project! Of course, you will need Glue as well! This card is made using simple circles and rectangles, nothing more. It looks absolutely gorgeous. People who receive this card just love it! Add this to your shut in days as a great craft to make. Make several so you have some to send at a later date.

I know you must love paper flowers, just as I do. This peony is a simple make and you can use almost any cardstock or paper to make it. No need to buy special papers, just add scissors, glue, and a stem or two. Stems can be made from twisting paper or even a straw, the choice is yours. Why not decorate you living space with a bouquet of these peonies?

Simple Paper House - The Finished Project -

This project will take a little bit of time but the results are well worth the effort. They are so cute and you can use them for treat boxes for the family! Use them to decorate your mantel or shelf with multiple colors and trims. Once again the template is provided and you can also use your scissors to cut out the pieces, if you do not have a cutting machine! 

Cricut Project - the finished card -

I made this for a special person who was turning 90 - she fell in love with the card and I know you will, too! The template provided makes it so easy to make! The envelope for the card is extraordinarily easy to put together as well. I do hope you enjoy this one!

Pinwheels - The Finished Project -

Windy season is just around the corner and these pinwheels fit right in. Depending on the material you choose to make these, you can have them outdoors as well! For this project I used a grommet to hold the center together but you could punch the holes and then add glue instead. Simple cardstock and a dowel is pretty well what you need. The tutorial explains each and every step along the way!

Final product - tissue paper sunflower -

There are 3 different types of sunflowers you can make in this tutorial. From tissue paper to card stock,you have choices to make just 1 type or make all 3. These are a great addition to any paper flower bouquet. I have several of these in my vases, they last forever (so-to-speak)! These sunflowers will take your mind off being stuck at home in quarantine.

If you are like me, you have plenty of kids art lying around or tacked to the refrigerator. I decided I wanted to display that art in a way I could change it up easily, yet add some decor to my kitchen and hallway. I came up with this hand-designed way to do 3 D frames. I use them to frame cards I love, kids art, and other pieces of art or collectibles that would otherwise get lost in a drawer or storage container.

Don't you just love an unusual shape? This cube card uses Washi sheets (you can use shelf cover such as MacTac or any paper that sticks!). You can add some special pizzazz to you card-making activities with this one. I found it a little perplexing when I first read other people's directions, so hopefully I resolved this issue so you will not have any problems putting this one together.

This is from an old post and these are very easy to make. If you have sold old shirts or material hanging around, use those rather than something new. A great way to upcycle things we no longer want to wear. As long as you have a ruler and some scissors, you are good to go on this project.

Do you have a button stash? I know I do and it keeps getting bigger. When I visit the dollar store I often see packages of buttons that are one color with variations. I am so tempted to get them for a project and I often pick them up. I also have buttons from discarded shirts! If you have a stash, then this project is the perfect way to add some art to your walls and help decrease the number of buttons in your tin at the same time! The template for the tree is provided so you can cut it on your Cricut or simply cut it out with scissors. You can really get creative with the colors and how you place the buttons!

Are you a fan of Macrame? If you are, and want an easy project that looks incredible, then this project is absolutely for you. The project uses one simple knot that you repeat left and right! Once you get the hang of it, you will want to make more than just 1. This is one of my most popular posts and a perfect make for those shut-in days!

Crepe-Paper used to be easy to find and buy but not so much these days. I ended up getting a lot of mine from the Philippines where there is plenty! Nonetheless, there are still places that stock this wonderful paper. If you don't have any lying around, use copy paper but wrinkle it well before using it! These Roses are incredibly beautiful and make great home decor. Give this one a try - take a photo and paste it to my Facebook group!

Do you have plenty of scrap cardboard lying around? The corrugated kind? Then this project is for you. I found it made a bit of a mess putting it together. When you finish making this bowl, you will want to paint it with whatever you have on hand. After all, if you are required to stay indoors, you will not be doing any shopping for paint!

Some Fun Craft Videos to Watch

Bored with Video? Why Not get These eBooks

If you are tired of videos and want some more inspiration, take a look through these books for some incredible ideas of what to make! You can never go wrong when you buy a book. 

Last Word

Are you now allowed to go outside and play? I sure hope so as 14 days can be a long time to be shut inside!

These crafts and more are available from my website. I hope you have a chance to look around and subscribe to my newsletter! I give away files and tips each week.

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Happy Crafting!

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